716brewviews: An Intro

What is 716brewviews you ask? Excellent question! The answer is quite simple really. My hometown, Buffalo, has begun to put itself on the map as a brewery Mecca, and I’d like to support it. Not just with purchasing delicious beers from these numerous breweries, but also with publicity. It is my quest to visit these numerous breweries or find their beers elsewhere and give them an honest review. My hopes for this are to get the word out for these amazing breweries as much as possible, while enjoying delicious fresh beer.

Buffalo Breweries that I plan on visiting:

Flying Bison

Community Beer Works

Big Ditch


Thin Man

Gene McCarthy’s

42 North

Buffalo Brewing Company

12 Gates

Rusty Nickel

Hamburg Brewing Company

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5 thoughts on “716brewviews: An Intro

  1. Special request — Juice Caboose?!

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  2. Happy Independence Day, fellow beer drinkers!
    Cheers, ‘Merica. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

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  3. can’t believe you’ve been “brew-viewing” for 16 months already!!

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    1. Thanks the support of my number 1 fan!

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