First Brewview To Come

I have decided to do my first Brewview about my one of my favorite Buffalo Breweries, Community Beer Works. Before I post that review, how about some history. CBW is Buffalo’s first nano brewery, beginning in April 2012. The main thought process behind the creation of CBW was to create a small, affordable location for a beer loving group of friends to gather and brew. Ironically, my Pysch 101 professor  was one of the first owners after concluding his time of professorship and beginning his time of brewing. Though I have been drinking CBW beer since it’s first opening, my first visit came this previous week, helping me to arrive at the decision that CBW is my favorite Buffalo brewery.

What is a nano brewery?  Nano brewing is defined as a brewery that produces no more than 3 barrels of each batch.

The size of CBW is what draws me to it, small and cozy. Rendering a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with no huber amongst the staff. Though the brewery may be small, the open arms and large heart makes it a welcoming place. Grab a beer and get ready for a brewview.

Community Beer Works

Thick& Sticky Imperial Pale Ale, Double Dry Hopped ABV:8.7 IBU: 30

Brewview to come soon!


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