716brewview#1: Thick&Sticky by Community Beer Works

Greetings all!! I am very excited for this brewview being it’s my first one!! Not only that the brewery from which I got this beer is my favorite Buffalo brewery, Community Beer Works.

The Beer: Thick& Sticky  DDH Double IPA by Community Beer Works

ABV: 8.7 IBU:30

Hop Profile: Double Dry Hopped

El Dorado


So lets begin….

So I obtained this beer from the brewery itself in the form of a growler, which if I didn’t have good restraint would have disappeared quickly. Just from opening the growler the aromas I got were subtle, achieving scents of light tropical fruit which is characteristic of both the El Dorado and Citra hops used. The color  could be considered a light to medium amber. Which is common for Pale Ales, weighing more towards medium for the stronger Pale Ales. Not too much of a head, but leaving good residue on the sides of the glass. From what I have heard in the past this is the quality of an excellent beer.

The flavor of the beer is something to talk about. When buying this beer, Ethan, founder of CBW, told me it was “Dangerously delicious.” And I couldn’t agree more, such an easy beer to drink and even get weird with. The profile of this beer mentions a citrusy wheat taste, though this is subtle the wheat taste in my opinion settles in afterwards leaving a small after taste. Pulling in the hop profile of this beer I’m tasting slight mango, more so powered by citrus, with a small bitter after taste which is appropriate for an IBU of 30. Again the hops used, El Dorado and Citra are known for their tropical fruit, mango, citrus characteristics. These are all noted whether as an aroma or in the taste. The added hop taste is definitely noted, most likely acquired from the dry hopping. Perfect addition, though bringing the citrus taste to a high amount, almost over powering. But still a perfect beer I would fill a growler with again.

My overall rating for this beer would have to be 4.75/5. If only for the slight over powering of the citrus taste, though I do enjoy the wheat follow up. Thank you CBW for making such a delicious beer! Keep them coming.

I would propound any beer lover to try this beer!


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