Brewview #2: Fuzzy Dunlop by Thin Man and Captain Lawrence

Alright guys, back with another Brewview. But before I begin, I would just like to do a shout out to my good friend Brian, who also partakes in beer reviews. Please look him up on Youtube at Buffalo Beer Reviews. Definitely worth the time, please give him some support it goes a long way!! Now back to the brew, this beer was provided to me by two of my coworkers. So thanks Brian and Bill!! Brian acquired this delicious beer from the Thin Man brewery, though they aren’t the only ones involved in this amazing synthesis. Along with Thin Man, Captain Lawrence joined in the collaboration. Though this is my first beer from Thin Man, I have had quite of few from Captain Lawrence and I can easily say I have always been pleased with them!!!

The Beer: Fuzzy Dunlop Unfiltered IPA by Thin Man/ Captain Lawrence

ABV: 6.8 IBU: unlisted

Hop Profile: Simcoe


Lets jump right into it…..Just cracking the can open the aromas were mouth watering!! Danky with a slight berry hint. Which, I must say is a first for me, whenever I have experienced a danky aroma beer, that is all I get. Already displaying the mastery brewing skills of these two amazing breweries. Looking at the hop profile it was easy to acclimate where these aromas arose from. Mosaic hops are noted for aromas like berry, fruit, tropical and a slight drop of mango. All of these can be appreciated when you give this beer a good niff. The danky smell can give thanks to the Simcoe hops. To me  this is such a great combination so far. Can’t wait to taste it, my mouth is watering!

Now onto the pour. Into the glass it goes, showing a good head retention with a hazy straw color. Being it unfiltered, this haziness is to be expected and remains through out the short time it will remain in my glass ;D. Essential for a New England style IPA.

Drinking this is absolute heaven!! With the after taste leaving you craving more!! Again being brewed with Mosaic and Simcoe hops, you can taste additions from both. A splash of dankiness with an additions of citrus, melon, and I may even add some tangerine. The body of this beer is real smooth, leaving a wheat taste at the end. Makes me thirsty for more every time. Though there was no IBU listed for this beer in all my sources, I would adventure to say that there is a slight bitter after taste. But that slowly resolves itself not to over power the next sip, or even the next beer you should choose to indulge in. My guess this beer would be an excellent first or second choice of the night, seeing that it would be unlikely to conflict with following brew decisions one would make.

Yup, even halfway through the beer and it is still just as good as the first pour. If this was an option at every pit stop I made, hands down this would be on my list. Quintessential New England unfiltered IPA.

My rating for this beer would be a 4.25/5. Excellent aroma, great tasting. My only thoughts would be a slight desire for more melon or tropical flavor to combine with the dank/pine taste. Otherwise such a delicious beer!!

If I were you, out having some fun, add this to the list of the libations you are going to partake in. You will not be disappointed!!

Thanks again Brian and Bill!


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  1. Sounds good! May have to give it a try!

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