Brewview#3: Fip No2. Lock IPA Series by Big Ditch

Hola amigos!! Here we are with Brewview#3. This one is from a local Buffalo brewery known as Big Ditch. Being located in Buffalo, New York, centralized around the Erie Canal, much inspiration is drawn from this historical waterway in their brewing process. For today’s brew known only as Fip, the title is derived from the coin known as a fip worth approximately 6 cents. Enough to buy a beer after a hard days work along the canal.

Again, I would not have any knowledge of this beer if it weren’t for my friend and coworker Brian. So thanks again Brian. Be sure to look up his Youtube videos also dedicated to local Buffalo Beers, at Buffalo Beer Reviews!!!

On with the beer!!

The Beer: Fip No.2 Lock IPA series by Big Ditch Brewing Company

ABV: 6.8% IBU: 55

Hop Profile: Mosaic




Upon cracking the can open, my nostrils were filled with aromas of citrus, mango, and tropical fruit. Such an amazing sensation! If only candles could produce the same aromas, I would take stock in them! Just looking at the hops this was easily expected, though Simcoe hops tend to produce more of a danky aroma this wasn’t present. But not all hops are used for aromas, lets see what further punch this beer packs!!

Pouring this beer just lit me up with excitement. Excellent head retention with a hazy straw color. All the making of a delicious IPA. After giving the beer a good sniff in the glass, I must admit I can appreciate a slight dank aroma along with all the others. So I guess I must rescind my previous statement. Kudos to the Simcoe hops!!

Now lets bring in the taste buds and their opinions!! On the can it says “an IPA with a burst of citrus, honeydew, and tropical punch flavor.” I must say that sums it up. But I won’t give up there lets dig deeper into the hops, where these delicious flavors come from. Though Simcoe hops are used, I’m thinking they were used for their aroma properties, creating that wonderful dank aroma.Otherwise can’t really taste any flavors that could be linked to the Simcoe hops. Bringing in the rest of the hops, Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic, you can easily taste properties of all three.With that being said they all having similar characteristics. Specifically speaking though, there is noticeably more mango and citrus in the flavor. Though I do enjoy this in an IPA, I can honestly say this is not my favorite taste. Unfortunately, being 100% honest I do not get a sense of honey dew at all. Maybe it’s just me, but it wouldn’t be fair if I wasn’t honest.

All together a delicious IPA, though I would not place it as one of my favorites. Drinking this beer was easy, leaving a slight after taste but not enough to over power the next beer or making this a beer one that you could have multiples of.

My overall ranking of this beer would have to be an honest 4.5/5. Attributing the 4.5 to the strong mango, citrus combination. Coming around full circle this is a well constructed beer that I would suggest to others and would look to for easy drinking. Excellent job Big Ditch, looking forward to another brew from you!!


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