Brewview#6: Head In the Clouds DIPA by Resurgence Brewing Company

Here we are again, another day another Brewview. Today’s Brewview is made by Resurgence Brewing Company, located on the West Side of Buffalo minutes from the Peace Bridge. The times that I have been at Resurgence have produced nothing but good memories. With free darts and an excellent patio to enjoy your beer of choice on, what else could one ask for? Along with having an excellent venue, their beer selection is through the roof; no one should leave in a displeased manner.

So that’s the brewery, let’s see what the beer is all about! Unfortunately, I was unable to find a hop profile, but on Resurgence’s website was a thorough description of what to expect. For all intents and purposes that is what I will be going off of today. As I go through the beer I will be sure to cite this information, as to be clear for everyone. Let’s do this!

The Beer: Head In The Clouds DIPA by Resurgence Brewing Company

ABV:8.4% IBU:Unlisted

Hops and Malts: unable to find.

Alright, with the crack of the can we will begin. Boom! Right off the bat I am hit with aromas of what I believe to be pineapple and citrus. Delicious! The description on their website  mentions aromas of white peach, citrus orange, and sweet pineapple. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad I’d say, let’s see what happens when we pour this into a glass. While instilling this into a glass I would like add some subtle peach aromas to go along side the previously mentioned aromas. So altogether I must agree with the aroma description provided by Resurgence. Moving onto appearance….

Phew, what a haze this beer has. Even in direct sunlight I am unable to see through this beer. Color wise I’m thinking a golden straw color. Head retention is good, with a slight 1 finger width, leaving some sediment of the side of the glass.

So what does this beer have in store for us taste wise. In the description provided, we are told to expect a juicy grapefruit and papaya flavors.  With the first sip, I couldn’t agree more! My taste buds are telling me Resurgence was spot on with what this beer tastes like. Regarding the body of this beer I’d say it is full with some left over creamy feeling, allowing you to savor every sip. But for the sake of being honest the creamy feeling is lingering on, almost creating a residue like texture.  I’m a little surprised that an IBU rating was not listed because there is a quite a bitter after taste left behind. I’d say it lingers for a quite a while, not sure how it would go with trying another beer after this one.

Coming full circle, with everything mentioned this was a very good beer. Rating wise I’d give it a 4/5. If it weren’t for the lingering residue texture I would have provided a higher rating. I’m hesitant to think that this beer could pair well with others while out for the night. Great  job Resurgence, a delicious beer but one that I would enjoy by itself.


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