Brewview#7: IPA by Hamburg Brewing Company

Well it’s been some time since my last brewview and I apologize for that. My family had some unfortunate events occur, which has consumed much of my attention. Alas, here were back at it for #7 made by Hamburg Brewing Company is their IPA. I’ve seen this on tap at numerous places and I’ve seen just as many people bringing it to parties as their beverage of choice. So I thought why not and see what it’s truly all about and commit it my list of brewviews.

First, why don’t I give the brewery a proper introduction. Opened in 0ctober of 2013, making this year their 4th anniversary, Hamburg has been producing some delicious beer. Since opening, their mission has been simple; to provide innovative but still high quality beers and enjoy every minute of it. In my opinion they have been successful. Cheers to you Hamburg. Now that all the formalities have been taken care of, let’s dive into this bottle!

The Beer: IPA by Hamburg Brewing Company

ABV: 6% IBU: 55

Hop Profile: Cascade





Caramel 20

So starting at the opening of the bottle I was hit with aromas of pine with a hint of grapefruit. Going from bottle to glass, the pine was only strengthened accented with a slight hint of grapefruit. All 3 hops could be contributing to this, but I would say the Cascade and Simcoe hops would be the primary hops used for aroma. Cascade hops are well known for producing the classic grapefruit aroma and the Simcoe allowing for the ever prevalent pine aromas. Great combination, no complaints from here. So far so good.

Appearance wise, this beer is holding up its end of the bargain. The head on this beer was magnificent, initially after pouring it into a glass, 4 finger widths. Though this settled to a 1 finger width, the foam left on the side of the glass is a reminder of what once was. Perfect opening for a beer, building up my anticipation. Color wise, a simple golden straw color, remaining crystal clear the entire time!

But most importantly, what does it taste like?

Drum roll….Similar to it’s aroma I am getting a strong pine even danky flavor, attributing this to the Simcoe hops. But let’s not stop there, I’m sure there is more to this beer than that. With continuing sips the pine flavor is hard to get past, but I can sense some simple grapefruit and citrus flavors, with a slight peach accent. Looking at the other 2 hops, Cascade and Amarillo I’d say that is it flavor wise. Altogether not a bad tasting beer. I could agree with an IBU of 55, the slight bitter after taste sticks around if not only to remind you of how delicious the beer was. Body wise, it’s not over whelming. I would give it a medium rating, though it does feel a bit thick. Not enough to give it a full body rating. All in all I’d say this an easy beer to drink, though I wouldn’t consume too many in a sitting due to the strong pine taste.

So my final rating, 3.75-4/5. It would be a solid 4 in my opinion if it didn’t have such a strong pine taste. At times I’m sure it can be overwhelming, but for 2 or 3 beers I’d say its great. Nice job Hamburg!!

If you’re out and are looking for a beer or 2, Hamburg has a beautiful tap room with numerous beers on tap. Two of my favorites of theirs is Hoppenstance and the Lager! But don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself!


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