Brewview#8: IP-EH by Ellicotville Brewing Company

Alright guys! Here I am onsite at the Ellicotville Brewery with my friends Zak and Jimmy. This place is bustling with business, both the bar and the restaraunt. This is going to be a quick Brewview, my first one on my phone so please excuse any mistakes you may find. 

Jumping into it

The Beer: IP-EH by Ellicotville Brewing Company

Hop Profile:Azacca


Malts: not listed

ABV: 6.5% IBU:92

Company: Zak aka Slagathor and Jimmy James!

Though this may be quick, I don’t want it to reflect on the beer. 

Aromas are easily noticed as fruity, but not at an alarming rate. It would make an excellent candle! 

Appearance is hard to make out due to the low lighting of our dining location. So working with what I can, not hazy, easy to see through. Golden pale color. 

Flavor is similiar to the aromas, fruity. Slight bitter after taste but not too strong. Quickly looking at the hops I can appreciate both with every sip. The Simcoe with its bitter characterstics and Azacca for the fruity flavors. Perfect combination!

Summing it all up, 4.25/5. Delicious beer, I could see myself easily drinking a lot of these in 1 night! Cheers to that! Easily a beer I would again, even frequently. Delicious!

My buddy Jimmy is drinking the Black Jack Oatmeal Stout, he rates it a 4/5. Slagathor is enjoying the Two Brothers Pale Ale, “Very good, coming from someone who previously didn’t like IPAs.” His rating is 4.20/5. All in all he loves it, Ha! 

Excellent job Ellicotville Brewing Company! 


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2 thoughts on “Brewview#8: IP-EH by Ellicotville Brewing Company

  1. Shout out to the good company!


  2. Pretty cool that’s it’s hopping there, even though there’s a snow storm! Awesome 🙂


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