Breview#10: Brindle Porter (Cask) by Flying Bison Brewing Company

Wow! Here I am at Flying Bison for my second onsite Brewview, and it is busy! With this being onsite I am using my phone so please don’t be too critical of my grammar.(Greatly appreciated) I am particularly excited for this Brewview because every Friday Flying Bison does a cask of one of their beers. Today’s happens to be the Brindle Porter. I’ve had this before on draft so we shall see what the cask has in store for us.

Let’s do this!

The Beer: Brindle Porter(cask) by Flying Bison Brewing Company

ABV: 5.6% IBU: 35

Hop Profile: Fuggles

Malt: British Pearl




So a quick intro for the Brindle Porter, it’s brewed once a year as a tribute to Porter one of their brewers Ryan’s old greyhounds. As well as English porters and other dark English beers.

So right out the cask the beer had a small but dense head. Appearing creamy and quite appealing. I am excited to try this beer. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, why not let the anticipation build.

The color is a chocolately brown, mostly opaque. Definetly notice the effects of the chocolate and brown malts with the color. Excellent makings for a porter.

Aroma wise this beer is very subtle but enough to get you excited for the first sip. I’m noticing a combination of two aromas, chocolate and an earthy aroma. Looking at the hops used, Fuggles, I’m thinking that’s where the earth aromas are coming from. The chocolate aromas are easily from the malts used specifically the chocolate malts.

Taking the first sip the cask version has a more creamy taste than the original draft version. A nice addition to the beer, making it a bit more enjoyable. Flavor wise I’m noticing a subtle hint of tobacco, as odd as that sounds. This can attributed to the Fuggles hops, as well as the earth tones I’m getting. I never thought I would have a beer with a tobacco flavor to it, hmm. Moving on with the flavor, cause there is more! Definitely notice the chocolate and coffee flavors, making this a quintessential porter. What a delicious beer! I don’t think I would drink this beer fast only because it is so delicious and creamy, you gotta make it last. With that being said I could see myself buying multiple pints of this beer!

Summing it up, I’m not as experienced with porters as I am pale ales, but this one is one for the books! Giving this a solid 4.5/5. Excellent creamy taste, slight bitterness, medium body that isn’t too overwhelming, and it leaves you wanting more! Awesome job Flying Bison!

To conclude this Brewview, how about a little fun fact about Fuggles hops. They originated in England over 150 years ago andwere first put on the market by Richard Fuggle in1875! History in the making!

As always cheers! Looking forward to the next one!

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3 thoughts on “Breview#10: Brindle Porter (Cask) by Flying Bison Brewing Company

  1. Sounds great! Will have to stop out at Flying Bison and give it a try!

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    1. Excellent brewery and very welcoming!

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  2. Thanks!– You made it sound so tasty! Good read.
    Never heard of fuggles. I’d love to have hops named after ME! 😏


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