Brewview#17: True Line IPA by 42 North Brewing Company

Back at it guys with my 17th Brewview. I feel it is only appropriate to give a big thanks to my good friend Brian from Buffalo Beer Reviews, without him this Brewview would be nonexistent. So thank you Brian for providing me with this beer, I hope you personally enjoy this as you read and that we may continue on with out beer exchange.

So this will be my third Brewview for 42 North and I am quite excited about this one because it is a follow up brew from their previous beer Pre-Emption. To be honest I was not aware of these beers coming out as a series or if it was simply Pre-Emption’s success that led to True Line’s birth. Either way I find myself highly optimistic to crack this one open; due to my previous experiences with Pre-Emption the bar is set high.

So what do you say? Why don’t we get to it?!?

The Beer: True Line IPA (NEIPA) by 42 North Brewing Company

ABV: 6.6% IBU: 70

Hop Profile: Columbus



Malt Profile: Wheat Malt

Before I begin a quick, and I mean quick introduction is in order I feel for True Line. So here it is, hazy, resinous, and DDH. When I said quick, I meant quick. That is what is provided on the can for the future drinker’s insight. Nice and simple, let’s see how it holds up.

So just cracking the can open and starting to pour the beer I could easily catch the aromas a good foot away. Not in an overwhelming, odorous kind of way. But in such a way as to allow one to get a sense of what is to come, in this case a delicious beer! Those aromas I am speaking of could in my opinion have been provided by all three of the hops used in the brewing process. With that said, from two separate sources I was able to find that Columbus hops have a high potency and are well known for providing strength and distance to the aromas it creates. Good choice on that hop I guess! These aromas that I speak of are as follows tropical fruit, citrus, with a side of dank. Again all three hops are known to produce some sort of fruit and citrus aromas. Though out of the three, Columbus and Galaxy hops are the ones known to the provide the dank aroma. Excellent choice on the aroma hops, they all compliment each other well without getting in the way of eachother. After some time in a glass, it almost seems as if the dank aroma tends to settle out. Some things are just not meant to last I guess, but maybe that’s what makes they some amazing and enjoyable.

Moving on from aroma to appearance. While pouring the beer I obtained what I’m guessing could’ve been a two finger width head. Though it didn’t stick around for long, it was still quite impressive. The Wheat Malt used is not known to give a beer strong head retention but it does provide the haziness this beer is currently maintaining. Yeah, when they put hazy  on the can they meant it. Even with strong lighting, you’re not seeing much through this beer. Along with the strong haze, this beer has a dark straw color to it. I am a little bit surprised by this though, with it being a NEIPA I was expecting more of a pale straw color. But what do I know, I am simply a beer drinker who thinks he has acquired large amounts of beer knowledge. The true beer geniuses are the ones doing the brewing.

So we’ve touched on the aromas and the appearance. Now for the best part, what does this beer taste like?

Drum roll anyone?

Wow! Even after multiple sips I find myself unable to bring myself together to give an appropriate presentation. Wow! This beer is delicious. It might even be one of my favorite NEIPAs and I’m not too crazy about this style of IPA.

So let’s take this from the top by looking at the hops and see what I’m getting from each of them. One of the stronger components is a prevelant dank flavor, again this is from the Columbus and Galaxy hops. The citrus is attributed to the Galaxy and Mosaic hops. Additionally from the Mosaic hops is a slight mango addition, though this is not easily noticed. And finally a pine if almost slightly mint flavor. The pine is easily tagged onto the Mosaic hop while the Columbus hops are giving us the mint flavor.

Now I know I built up the flavor of this beer and only wrote a few sentences, though this beer is packed with flavor it is not overly complex. If one simply takes their time enjoying True Line I’m sure they would enjoy it as much as I have.

But that is not all, we still have the bitterness and the previously mentioned resinous. Both of which are great contributors to the excellence that is the True Line IPA! On the can it states this beer has an IBU of 70, I’m going to say that is very close if not spot on. It’s difficult to say which hop may have been used for bittering with each of their alpha acid percentages being so high. If I were to guess though I’m going to say Columbus was used, and that’s speaking from previous experiences. Columbus hops are known to provide a dank bitterness and that is exactly what I am getting. So maybe I’m guessing right. Finally, the body of the beer. 42 North hit it on the nose, this beer has medium to full body. After each sip I am sitting on cream/resin flavor left over and I am not upset about it. As it continues to settle I am increasingly satisfied with the beer!

So in conclusion, as I previously stated this is most likely going to be one of my favorite NEIPAs. In comparison to Pre-Emption, True Line packs more of a punch. I’m not getting a watered down taste that I received from Pre-Emption. True Line is a delicious, dank, fruity, resinous, and fulfilling beer. I’m going to give it a 4.5/5 without question! Excellent job 42 North, I hope there is more to come in this line of beer!

Thanks again Brian from Buffalo Beer Reviews! I’ve mentioned it before and will again, please if you find my blog entertaining and enlightening I’m sure you will enjoy Brian’s reviews. Check him out on Youtube, your support is always appreciated!


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5 thoughts on “Brewview#17: True Line IPA by 42 North Brewing Company

  1. What is DDH? Love, Kim and Jackie 🙂

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    1. Double Dry Hopped, it’s most likely the culprit for leading to the delicious resinous characteristic f
      Of the beer. It’s when hops are thrown into the fermenter during the fermenting process. Tends to add more flavor and aromas.

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  2. Good job 42 north & good job 716brewviews !! 👍🏻👍🏻


  3. Special request — dyngys day shout out review — polonia pilsner , flying bison ?!?!

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