Brewview#20: Drinco De Mayo by Mikkeller Brewing

So I have decided to change things up for Brewview#20, don’t worry I am still writing about beer. As if there is anything else I’d rather write about. It is simply that today’s beer was not founded in Buffalo, it is actually from the West Coast brewery, Mikkeller Brewing found in San Diego. I have two reasons for this unforeseen change. #1:Cinco De Mayo is tomorrow and today’s beer is Drinco De Mayo a Mexican Style Lager. #2: Mikkeller Brewing has done some amazing collaborating with Buffalo’s Thin Man Brewing Company. So why not show some support to our friends on the West Coast.

Now I must preface this Brewview with this short statement:

I was unable to find the specs on Drinco De Mayo. So to my dismay there will no hop or malt profile. In other words this will be a blind Brewview, but we shall make the best of it! Cheers!

The Beer: Drinco De Mayo by Mikkeller Brewing San Diego in Collaboration with Cerveceria Insurgente and Silenus Cerveza Artesanal

ABV: 4.8 IBU: N/A

Hop Profile: Please see above preface

Malt Profile: Please see above preface

So Drinco De Mayo, what do you have in store for us today?

With the crack of the can Drinco De Mayo pours a beautiful golden straw color that you can see right though, with an equally amazing head in company. Though the head did not exhibit any form of retention and disappeared in a quick fashion, it topped out at two fingers width. Amazing. So far Drinco is meeting every expectation for what makes a delicious lager.

The aromas presented are exactly what I expect when drinking a crisp lager, with a touch of what I think is the Mexican additions. What I mean by this is I’m smelling the mature yeast combined with malt aromas, floral aromas, but with a hint of dank. A very refreshing start to what I’m thinking will be an even more refreshing beer.

Flavor and body-wise, this beer flows very smooth. The flavors I get are, not to be repetitive, exactly what I would expect when drinking a lager. A crisp smooth malt flavor with a bit of spice to compliment. Similar to the  aromas, I am also getting a slight floral taste. Refreshing and even new in comparison to what I have drank in the past. Though I do have a slight creamy feeling left behind I’m still thinking that the body of Drinco is light.  Definitely makes this beer easy to drink, but also to move onto other beers should one decide to. It never makes for a good time when a beer is over-powering, and the taste remains behind to spoil the experience between you and your next beer. Almost like that “crazy incessant ex” most of us have had that couldn’t get the picture. Oh well, adds to the life experience I guess.

So I know this Brewview is shorter if not my shortest Brewview. But I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed drinking the beer and typing this out. With that being said, if I am ever able to find the hops and malts used in Drinco De Mayo (anyone have connections?) I will be sure to do a full Brewview. So altogether I am going to give Drinco De Mayo a 4.25/5. A solid, delicious, and refreshing beer. Something different with the collaboration of the Mexican breweries. Definitely a beer that if I were to find it again I would be sure to pick up another four pack.

In conclusion, I feel I must once again bring up my buddy Brian from Buffalo Beer Reviews. Without him I would not have been inspired to begin 716Brewviews. But also would not have bought this beer. It took him the smallest amount of convincing that after a tedious work update we should drive to the local beer merchant and pick up some beer. So thanks Brian, you are always there when I need the slightest amount of convincing to drink some beer.


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4 thoughts on “Brewview#20: Drinco De Mayo by Mikkeller Brewing

  1. Mikkeller is a great brewery. This was a very refreshing beer! Good read. You mixed it up real well 😎

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  2. Craft Beer Joe May 8, 2018 — 6:41 pm

    I rarely grab a Mexican Lager but this review makes me want to try more of them. Maybe I need to make some homemade tacos and pair them with a Mexican Lager soon!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This was my first Mexican Lager and it surely won’t be my last. Always looking for new experiences in the beer world.

      Liked by 2 people

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