Brewview#24: FC (Fantastically Crushable) by Big Ditch Brewing Company

Hello again new and loyal readers. It truly means a lot that everyone takes the time to read my humble reviews of these amazing Buffalo beers. I’m sure the brewing is way better than my writing, so don’t take my word for it grab a pint of your own.

Today’s beer comes from Buffalo’s Big Ditch Brewing Company, their FC(Fantastically Crushable) Session Wheat IPA. Much if not all of Big Ditch’s beers origins laid within Buffalo’s history. For FC, it was first brewed with Buffalo FC, Buffalo’s soccer team.

Before I begin my thoughts on what I am expecting to be an excellent beer, let’s allow Big Ditch provide us with an introduction. Coming from their website:

“The beer is an extremely light and crisp summer beer, late hopped with Simcoe, Amarillo, and Citra hops, which results in a beer with irresistible aroma and flavor of pineapples and oranges. This “Fantastically Crushable” beer is truly For Our City.”

From what I have heard from my good friend Bill, that is about spot on. So I am surely not heading into a disappointing pint!

Let’s do it!

The Beer: FC Session Wheat IPA by Big Ditch Brewing Company

ABV: 4.1 IBU: 21

Hop Profile: Simcoe



Malt Profile: Pilsner

White Wheat


Can to Glass

Just simply cracking the can open I was pounded some excellent aromas. Though I am not able to pick up on them from afar, it is still quite the experience. Not only that this beer pours an amazing 3 finger head that has been lingering for a bit now. A strength I am sure it received from the White Wheat malt. But where does these amazing aromas arise from? Looking at the hops I am thinking the Amarillo and Citra hops. Amarillo hops are known for providing juicy aromas, specifically tropical fruit and pineapple, two out of the three aromas. The Citra hops I am holding charge for the minor orange aromas I am picking up on. These are sitting in the background with the tropical and pineapple aromas leading the charge. Accompanying these fine aromas and excellent head is a golden straw color with a slight bit of haze. If my mind serves me right, it is again the White Wheat that is culprit for this characteristic.

Enjoyment Phase

What kind of punch does FC pack for us flavor wise? Wow, that is refreshing. Another beer to add to my summer list. With just one sip, this beer left its mark on me, so refreshing! This beer is packing flavors of orange, pineapple, and tropical fruit, with a very minor sweet undertone. The sweet under tone I am attributing to Pilsner and Crystal malts. I’ve seen them used together in home brewing and I have never been disappointed with the turn out. Looking at the hops, it is easy to see where all three have a hand in the brewing process. The orange flavor is easily attributed to all three, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Citra. But the pineapple and tropical fruits I am isolating to the use of Amarillo and Citra hops. It is nice to see a beer where you can experience every aspect of the brewing process when enjoying a pint.

The mouth feel of FC is exactly how my buddy Bill described it to me, ‘medium body and clean finish.’ The mouth feel of this beer is a not at all overwhelming, making it a perfect summer beer that’ll always leave you refreshed. Though there is a slight orange bite at the end, the finish is still smooth as glass. This is to be expected with an IBU of 21.


There is nothing that could make me not want to buy multiple six packs or pints of this beer. Every sip is perfect and refreshing. Though it wouldn’t make it difficult to enjoy another beer. If it were me though, I wouldn’t be changing my beer choice though, I could easily drink this beer all day or night. Big Ditch has yet again exceeded my expectations, though I do not find myself at all surprised. FC is easily a 5/5 beer for me, there isn’t a thing I didn’t like about this beer. It’s low ABV and refreshing taste would make it the perfect beer to enjoy after some yard work out in the hot sun. Thank you Big Ditch for your endless production of perfect beers.

Thank you readers for wanting to enjoy delicious beer as much as I do!


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9 thoughts on “Brewview#24: FC (Fantastically Crushable) by Big Ditch Brewing Company

  1. 5/5!!!!! This must be good!!!

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    1. Truly, it leaves you refreshed but wanting more!

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  2. Wow! I need to try this one too! As always, grey review 😎

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  3. Great*

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  4. So excited to try this one!!

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  5. This sounds like a perfect beer for summer!

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    1. Absolutetly, my buddy Bill has the same exact thoughts!

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