Brewview#25: Lime Berliner Weisse by Resurgence Brewing Company

Well I took a week off to enjoy some time with family and friends during the 4th of July, which was amazing. But I am hoping this next Brewview is even more amazing since it’ll be my first one covering a Berliner Weisse. The Lime Berliner Weisse by Resurgence Brewing Company has been around for quite some time if my memory serves me right. With that being said, I have never gotten around to enjoying one, so this Brewview will be quite the adventure. I’m always a bit reticent when doing a Brewview with a first time beer, since doing any type of review sight unseen presents all sorts of difficulties. But in reality, it’s beer, and if I at least enjoy it while writing I guess I can consider it mission accomplished.

So what does Resurgence Brewing Company have packed into this pint can for us tonight?

In preparation for this Brewview I did extensive research in hopes of finding a malt and hop profile, but I did not arise victorious. Though we do get an excellent introduction on the side of the can. Resurgence Brewing Company states:

“A sessionable kettle sour with soft acidity from our proprietary souring process. Light citrus & spice esters from our Belgian yeast perfectly compliments the zesty lime juice. Your palate will pucker from the tartness and bright acidity with powerful citrus flavors that just beg for your back porch or the back nine.”

ABV:4.5% IBU: unlisted

So as I said before this will be a sight unseen Brewview, with minimal information regarding the hops and malts used. But from what Resurgence Brewing Company provided us, we know it has Belgian yeast and lime juice.

Let’s jump to it!

Just cracking the can open in preparation to fill my mug I was slammed with sour and lime aromas. I felt as if my nostrils were twitching once they were hit with this enticing aroma combination. Not only was I hit with some amazing aromas, the head created by my pour was immaculate, though it did not stick around for the after-party. It was still an impressive three to four finger widths. Teaming up with this amazing head to create an awesome presentation was the energy packed into this beer. The carbonation is overwhelming, even after a few minutes I am still seeing bubbles rise to the top of my glass. Must have been some powerful yeast used in brewing this beer. The color of this beer is very pale golden straw color, with a slight haze to back it up. The entire time I’ve been writing this mug has been untouched by me and I cannot resist any longer. So I am going to dive in!

Hmm….A lot going on here with the first sip. In the beginning of the sip I am getting a very small sour taste, mostly a lime beer flavor. But as I continue to explore I find that is not the end but only the beginning of my sipping experience. As time goes on the flavors warp between a sour flavor to a tart lime flavor. Very interesting; it’s always a good time when your beer is able to give you multiple flavors. After the flavor warping I find my sip concludes with a bitter lime flavor that I’m finding dissipates rather quickly. Though I still find myself holding a small lime taste in my mouth. The mouthfeel of this beer is kind of what I anticipated, a very light body but with a sour tart residue. Nothing terrible in my mind but it does leave you with a feeling that your thirst isn’t quenched just yet. A bit dangerous for a beer, one that always leaves you wanting more.

So overall I am quite pleased with the Lime Berliner Wiesse and may I say intrigued to try more of this style. For the sake of honesty I must say, this would be a one and done type beer for me. I did enjoy it and am certain I would the next time, but with such a specific/unique taste it could get overpowering. Not to the fault of Resurgence Brewing Company, I have only just begun working on my Sour/Berliner Wiesse palate. In conclusion this beer was indeed refreshing, a new taste for me, and one that I will find myself visiting again on my back deck. Hopefully with my beautiful wife to accompany me, if I may be so lucky! In all seriousness, the Lime Berliner Wiesse gets a 4.25/5 in my book. My only two critiques, if they could be even be called that, are the lack of citrus taste that Resurgence Brewing Company spoke of in its introduction and the residue feeling left on my teeth. Still a solid beer for me, leaving me with a big smile and satisfied palate. Great job Resurgence Brewing Company, I am looking forward to some more of your magnificent brews and hope to make it out to see the beautiful brewery soon!

Thanks for reading friends, may your glass always be filled!


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2 thoughts on “Brewview#25: Lime Berliner Weisse by Resurgence Brewing Company

  1. “It’s always a good time when your beer is able to give you multiple flavors” haha

    I want to try this one too!

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