Brewview#31: Canvass Lock IPA Series #5 by Big Ditch Brewing Company

Back again guys and I do apologize for the long gap in between Brewviews. I decided to take a break to allow some time to be with family and friends. Glad to be back and I hope to get things going full throttle.

Truthfully, I couldn’t have chosen a better beer to get things flowing again, Big Ditch Brewing Company’s Canvass. Canvass is the fifth installment of Big Ditch’s Lock IPA Series solely dedicated to different historical people and times throughout the building of the Erie Canal. Canvass itself is named after one of the Erie Canal’s chief civil engineers. Before initiating the building of the Erie Canal, Canvass himself walked over 2,000 miles of England’s canal. As one of the chief civil engineers, Canvass is also known for inventing a mean of water proofing the canal with a water proof cement. Wow, that is pretty frickin cool if you ask me!

Brewer’s Introduction

So that’s it for the title, what does Big Ditch have to say about Canvass and what we should expect while enjoying a can or pint?

Coming straight off the side of the can:

‘Canvass is brewed with El Dorado, Mosaic and Falconer’s Flight hops, which gives this beer big ripe melon and tangerine aroma and flavor, to go along with subtle sweetness.’

I would be quite surprised if we come out of this one dissatisfied. I have had the pleasure of enjoying every beer made in this series and  they have been unimaginably delicious. I’d even go out on a limb and say that is being modest.  My wife has said numerous time that the Lock IPA series happens to be her favorite beers to date.

Let’s get cruising!

The Beer: Canvass Lock IPA Series #5 by Big Ditch Brewing Company

ABV: 6.1% IBU: 46

Hop Profile: Mosaic

El Dorado

Falconer’s Flight

Malt Profile: Unknown

Can to Glass

Before I get started I just wanted to advise those reading, Canvass is an unfiltered IPA so be sure to keep cold and fresh as well as gently rolling the can to recirculate the hops.

Wow! This Canvass packs a punch when it comes to aromas, you could pick them up a good foot away when pouring it into a glass. Just like Big Ditch said, the hops provide an excellent melon and tangerine aroma. Personally though, I am getting a slight hint of pineapple which if my research proves to be correct is provided by the El Dorado hops. The melon is very subtle while the tangerine and pineapple almost gives my nostrils a slight sting. Truly, these aromas is making my mouth water.

Canvass doesn’t present a very big head, the small one that does exist though remains till the last drop. As expected with unfiltered beers , the haziness prevents you from seeing anything through the beer. Besides the haziness, Canvass holds a nice pale straw color.

Time to Drink

So if my memory serves me right I don’t recall enjoying any beers with El Dorado or Falconer’s Flight hops. Though I love Mosaic hops, totally refreshing and mouth watering. With that being said I think it’s time to start drinking.

So Big Ditch speaks of tangerine and melon flavors, which is totally accurate. Though these flavors don’t hit you all at once. In the beginning I am getting more of the tangerine and then towards the back end the smooth melon flavor kicks in. It’s always nice to drink a beer that has a changing flavor throughout the sip. Looking at the Alpha Acid Percentage of the all the hops used I am not surprised at the bitterness of the beer. My opinion, I think an IBU of 46 might be a bit low, though not in a bad way. It’s hits you with a the tangy side of the tangerine flavors and sticks around for quite a while. Not only that the body of this beer is very thick and leaves a creamy viscosity behind. Quite refreshing if you ask me.

Closing Thoughts

Recently I’ve been IPAed out, trying to find something new or even settling for a simple Blue Light while watching the football games. But I will say Canvass sure did show me some light, especially in the unfiltered IPA realm. It seems there has been an unfiltered IPA craze recently, almost to the point of a market saturation if you ask me. Besides Flying Bison’s Zeal! IPA, Canvass is the only one that has a unique flavor in my opinion. The tangerine and melon hold a unique flavor while the previous ones I’ve had hold a typical citrus  American IPA flavor. The time and effort shows with Canvass, if Big Ditch was looking to bring a unique unfiltered beer to the table, mission accomplished. I am 100% satisfied with this beer and hope to get more of it when my supply runs out. Big Ditch I can’t say enough, great job and I look forward to see what Lock IPA series #6 brings to the table!

Thanks for reading, as always drink local!!!


PS: My good friend Brian from Buffalo Beer Reviews was able to do a review onsite at Big Ditch Brewing Company. Be sure to check him out as well, despite the fact that he may indeed be the goofiest looking guy in America.


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1 thought on “Brewview#31: Canvass Lock IPA Series #5 by Big Ditch Brewing Company

  1. Honestly one of my all time favorite beers. You said it nicely– a “unique unfiltered beer.” The Lock IPA Series in general is outstanding.

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