Brewview#33: Kacey’s Kristmas Ale by Rohrbach Brewing Company

Wow! I am glad to be back at it, that is drinking and writing. Recently, I’ve started a new job which has preoccupied much of my time and brain power. So it’s feels great to grab a pint and sit at my computer to write another Brewview. Brewview #33 is coming from our friends out in Rochester, Rohrbach Brewing Company. Now I know Christmas is next month and we still have Thanksgiving to enjoy, so I was a little hesitant on moving towards Christmas beers. But we did have some snowfall here in Buffalo and Rohrbach just released Kacey’s Kristmas Ale (guaranteed fresh) so what the hell. I mean it’s not like my Christmas lights are on display Griswold style yet. With that being said folks please don’t put up your Christmas lights before Thanksgiving, I’ve heard a rumor that every time Christmas lights get turned on before Thanksgiving an elf kills a baby reindeer. And I think it goes with out saying, you don’t want that blood on your hands.

Enough said about that, what is Kacey’s Kristmas Ale? I hope I will have given you a pleasant overview of it by the time you reach the end of this blog. But before that, how about we hear what the brewer’s at Rohrbach Brewing Company have to say. Coming straight off their website

‘Kacey’s Kristmas Ale takes its name from the founder’s daughter, Kacey. Kacey’s Kristmas Ale is a brown ale flavored with real cherries. It boasts chocolate and coffee flavors which are balanced by the crisp zest of hops, finishing with the semi-tart cherry taste.’

So, let’s get started!

The Beer: Kacey’s Kristmas Ale by Rohrbach Brewing Company

ABV: 4.5% IBU: 15

I couldn’t find too much on the hops or malts used, so we will have to go in blind. All the more better, leaving it to the imagination.

Opening Thoughts( Or The Can)

So I really haven’t written anything about the beer yet and I’ve already finished off a pint. The poor thing didn’t stand a chance with how smooth and delicious it was.

Just from cracking the can open, from a foot away I was able to get a brief scent of the cherries used. But when I put my nose to the cup it’s very easy to pick up on the malty aroma that typically accompanies brown ales. Neither of them over powers the other, they come together to form a perfect aroma combo. It’s not the type of aroma that hits you in the face, it sits in the glass and waits for you to enjoy what it has to offer.

Now I am not sure if the cherries may have any contribution to the color of the beer, but I wouldn’t be surprised with the copper/dark amber color of the beer. The copper is different from what I’ve seen with the previous brown ales I’ve enjoyed in the past. Though the beer is a bit darker, it is still very easy to see through, giving it a crisp appearance. Besides the pleasant aromas and enticing color of the beer, the head is amazing. Pouring Kacey’s Kristmas Ale from a can to a glass, the head was 2 1/2 finger widths and upon dissipation it left a nice foamy residue on the glass.

Outstanding  first impression!

Tasting the Kristmas Ale!!

So there are a few things in Rohrbach’s overview of Kacey’s Kristmas Ale I would like to touch on in this section. First of them being the cherries. For a fruit that can have such an over powering taste, Rohrbach used them in the best way possible. Though the cherries are the main character of the beer, they certainly do not get in the way of the other flavors of the beer.You taste the cherries right from the beginning all the way to the end, perfect! Along side the cherries are close followers, the coffee and chocolate flavors. These two flavors I feel sit in the background and help the beer come full circle and make it well rounded. Though in all honesty, if I had not read up on the beer prior to writing this I would have found it difficult to pinpoint what I was tasting. They are so subtle but still noticeable enough to make a world of difference for Kacey’s Kristmas Ale. What I find most interesting about the beer is the use of the hops, to create the balance that Rohrbach speaks of. It took me a while to pick up on, but once I discovered it, the light bulb went off. Though it is difficult to pick up on it makes a world of difference. And finally, the semi-tart cherry finish. It is exactly that, a very slight tartness but only enough to give you a proper send off.

The mouth feel and bitterness of this beer walk hand in hand. The IBU rating of 15 is spot on, you’re not left with with much bitterness just a slight cherry after taste.The mouth feel is super light making the beer even more enjoyable, especially when it comes to consuming multiple pints.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a beer that contains obnoxious in your face aromas and flavor Kacey’s Kristmas Ale is not the beer for you. But if what you’re looking for is a smooth beer with a perfect combination of flavors then you’ve found your beer. Kacey’s Kristmas Ale is a beer that perfectly combine fruit, coffee,chocolate, and hops. Each flavor perfectly accents the other to create a perfect climax with every sip. This would be a perfect beer for sitting by a fire, depending upon where you live it might be a fire place, or even in combination with a cigar. Which I am inclined to do with my next free night.

Rohrbach Brewing Company, I must say I am very happy Kacey’s Kristmas Ale was the first ‘Christmas’ beer I’ve had this season. And I will honestly be looking to keep a stock of them through the winter to keep my warm and bubbly. Cheers!

As always thanks for reading! Always be sure to keep your glass full!

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5 thoughts on “Brewview#33: Kacey’s Kristmas Ale by Rohrbach Brewing Company

  1. Nice work. Hope you didn’t use ALL of your brain cells for the ICU though.

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  2. i’m not into a cherry-tasting beers, but you did make this sound pretty good …

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    1. Yeah it’s a nice change from the Christmas beers I’ve had before.

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  3. right- this is the first cherry christmas beer i’ve heard of.

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