Brewview #37: Landing Strip American IPA by 12 Gates Brewing Company

As promised on my Twitter here is Brewview#37, a fresh batch of Landing Strip American IPA brewed by 12 Gates Brewing Company. I recently found out, I believe over the weekend, that 12 Gates had made the decision to can Landing Strip and was releasing it today. Fortunate enough I was able to make a trip down to 12 Gates, enjoy a pint or 2 and bring home some Landing Strips. Taking it a step further here we are friends, taking a stroll down the Strip to see what it has in store for us!

So 12 Gates took the effort to put a very interesting description of the side of the can, it’d be criminal not to share it. So here it is…

‘Let’s be honest….It’s a jungle down there. So we’ve crafted this softly bittered tropical IPA for when things get just a little too wild to handle. Combining the best of American and New England IPAs, this well-groomed blend of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops will help prepare you for the ride. As you savor notes of tangerine, pineapple, and a slight pinch of pine, you’ll be ready to embrace the touchdown. And you know what? You deserve it.’

Sounds like a beer I’m sure all of us could use after some trying days in the coal mines.

“I’ve got the black lung Pop.”

Well I’ve already had the Landing Strip on draft and it was delicious, without even knowing what hops were used it would not be difficult to make a guess.

So let’s skip the small talk, shall we? I mean foreplay is optional right?

The Beer: Landing Strip American IPA by 12 Gates Brewing Company

ABV: 6.1% IBU:34

Hops: Citra



Malts: Unknown at this time….sorry folks

Let’s Get Weird

Honestly, I am very intrigued by 12 Gates when they say this beer combines the best of American and New England IPAs. I love IPAs across the board, though New England IPA’s I tend to be very particular about. So when I first tried the Landing Strip on draft I really took my time to ensure I got the full affect. Simply, put I was very pleased.

When first cracking the can open and proceeding to pour the beer into my glass I was hit with a very nice duo of aromas. Both were very pleasant and worked very well together. I was easily able to pick up on the Citra and Mosaic hops first. Both of them came together to provide a nice tropical fruit aroma, very simple though not in your face. I found the tropical fruit aroma to be similar to New England IPAs but not as juicy in characteristic. The simplest way I could describe it is a fresh bowl of fruit, not jumping out at you but you known it’s there. If one takes the time to analyze the fruit aroma, two fruits really come to mind pineapple and tangerine. Both of which 12 Gates mentioned to us in their introduction on the side of the can. The second aroma, which comes from the Simcoe hop is pine. The pine is more of a background supporter if you wanted to call it that. It does not jump out at first but if you take a good sniff it’s there for you enjoyment. Provides a nice dank sense to the Landing Strip. But mostly the Citra and Mosaic hops bring the power for the aromas.

The Landing Strip does have a nice haze to it. Again not as New England as it is American IPA style, which isn’t surprising with this being an American IPA. Most New England IPA’s I’ve had have more of an opaque appearance to them. Though the Landing Strip possess a pretty thick haze you can still pick up on some shadows when held to the light. I find this beer pretty cool because color wise it has a pretty cool hue to it, on the periphery it is more pale straw but in the center it’s more of a darker straw. I guess you need a little dark side to get through the ‘jungle.’ Though the head was not terribly impressive there is a very nice creamy residue left on the glass as you consume and enjoy your beer.

Let’s Take a Walk Down The Strip 😀

Interesting, I’ve maybe had 1 or 2 beers that have a bitter forefront which proceeds to dissipate when you finish each sip. The Landing Strip is now added to that list. When I really think about it though, and I really sat and thought about this for a few minutes, the pineapple and tangerine flavors wouldn’t be the same without the bitter forefront. Now when I say bitter forefront I’m not saying this beer has a IBU rating of 99 or something obnoxious. I’d say the IBU rating of 34 is spot on. Though you get a sense of the bitterness, it’s just a that a sense, it’s not going to knock you off your feet. Though the Landing Strip is not a SMASH IPA, it’s just as enjoyable in that you can taste and appreciate all three hops used. There is no secret that Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops are used. Though in all honesty I find it difficult not to pick up on Mosaic hops when they’re used. But seriously, similar to the aromas you can break the flavors down according to hops. Now I want to remind you, with every sip be sure to take a good sniff of those aromas. It’ll add to your enjoyment and may I say beergasm. Very satisfying. First and foremost, Citra and Mosaic hops bring this delightful trio of pineapple, citrus, and tangerine flavors. It’s interesting too, because with the bitterness you almost feel the sour notes of the pineapple. Ingenious if you ask me. Walking along side and bringing in the rear are the Simcoe hops. The Landing Strip ends with a very smooth pine flavor. I feel pine is easily over done in beers and can ruin my night. Not with the Landing Strip, though it lingers it’s not jumping in the back of your throat as if you just swallowed a batch of pine needles.

All around very delicious. To top it off the mouth feel is very soft. Not overwhelming which gives the Landing Strip an incredible refreshing characteristic. A nice beer after some hard work around the house or stressful day at the office. Like 12 Gates said….’It’s a jungle down there.’

Finishing Thoughts

Besides the fact that 12 Gates is such a cool brewery, very cozy and welcoming. They also created this delicious beer. The Landing Strip combines pine with notes of tropical fruit and slight bitterness. It truly is an intriguing beer, one that if I find when I’m out I will be sure to grab. Which I most certainly hope I am able to do. If not, all the more reason to head down to 12 Gates.

Thanks for reading as always. I’ve been trying to write more since my holiday hiatus and so far I’ve been successful. I’ll keep them coming, please keep reading.

Cheers to 12 Gates, I’ve had an excellent time.

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