Brewview#45: Berry Vision Sour Fruit Beer by Big Ditch Brewing Company

Yesterday I had the luxury of grabbing lunch with my close friend Brian from Buffalo Beer Reviews. What made it even better was  our location, Big Ditch Brewing Company, which gave us an opportunity to try their fresh batch of Berry Vision. And now here I am with my laptop and newly opened crowler. A very nice series of events to close out the weekend.

Berry Vision was just released on draft yesterday which I have been greatly anticipating since hearing about it. I got in touch with Matt from Big Ditch and he informed me of the release and since then I’ve been looking forward to writing this Brewview.

Before I begin my take on it, I would just like to make note of what Big Ditch has for us regarding Berry Vision.

Straight off their menu:

‘A radiant sour ale bursting with blueberry and raspberry aroma and flavor. Brewed with oats, Mosaic hops, finished with lactose.’

Very straight forward so I feel their is no need to waste any more time, let’s see what happens!

The Beer: Berry Vision Sour Fruit Beer by Big Ditch Brewing Company

ABV: 5.4% IBU: 5

Hops: Mosaic

Malts: 2 Row

Flakes Oats


Cracking Open The Crowler

As I said before when grabbing lunch with Brian, I also had a Berry Vision fresh off the tap. So if I notice any differences  I will be sure to include them in my notes. I’ve already had some while setting up and honestly I haven’t noticed anything at all. Not a big surprise to be honest, Big Ditch has nothing but the best quality in my eyes.

So I filled up my glass and what I got is a color combination that shows the raspberry and blueberry combination spoken of by Big Ditch. At its core, a very dark purple with a surrounding red hue. Almost looks a like a high carbonated dark red wine. The head of Berry Vision is nice and simple sitting at one finger width, but you can really see the energy in it. The carbonation within it is solid, the bubbles are still rising since I first began writing. A very refreshing looking beer so far.

The aromas of Berry Vision are mouth watering to say the least. Just as Big Ditch said, the blueberry and raspberry aromas are bursting out at you. Alongside both of those I’m also getting a sweet and sour combination, it kind of reminds me of Sour Patch Kids. I find this very cool because it shows the sweet blueberry side as well as the sour raspberry side. And it goes just in that order, though I’m getting the blue and raspberry aromas simultaneously, the sweet accent come first and then is shortly followed by the sour side of things.

Down The Hatch

Yup, I know it has only been one day since I purchased my crowler, but it still tastes just as fresh as it did on tap. The flavor is very similar if not the same as the aromas. I guess what could be considered different is the progression of the flavors throughout the sip. Honestly, you’re not getting hit with everything at once, instead it has a very nice cycle to it.

At the beginning I am getting hit with an explosive raspberry sour taste. Which then transitions to a smoother blueberry flavor and then goes back the raspberry sour taste. The raspberry sour taste will remain and give way to similar but not as strong aftertaste. You’ll still be aware you just drank a sour, though it’s more of an acidic berry aftertaste.

Truthfully I am finding it quite difficult to pick up on any of the Mosaic hops, though I do notice them ever so slightly in the after taste. Not terribly strong but just noticeable to those who are familiar with Mosaic hops. What I am noticing in somewhat large amounts are the Flaked Oats and Lactose. One way is with the sweetness of Berry Vision, though honestly I’m thinking it most of the Lactose than the Flaked Oats. When it comes to mouthfeel I am getting a strong sense of the Flaked Oats though. The overall impression of the beer may be sour, but what I am also noticing is a creamy, medium mouthfeel. Both of which I am guessing is strongly influenced by the Flaked Oats. I’ve had them in some other beers and it was not at all difficult to pick up on them. A very nice malt to use when wanting to bring some strength to your beer’s mouthfeel.

Final Thoughts

I was very excited to hear that Big Ditch was releasing a berry sour and I was not at all disappointed. Though sours wouldn’t be my first choice I am starting to come around to enjoying more and more. Berry Vision does plead an excellent case for those looking into them with minimal experience. The nice flowing blueberry and raspberry aroma and flavor characteristics as well as the sour but still creamy mouthfeel. Though I am not very well versed in sours Berry Vision has been one of the more unique ones I’ve had.

Thanks for reading! Please be sure to check out Brian’s reviews as well. You can find them on YouTube at Buffalo Beer Reviews. Cheers!

PS: On our way home from lunch Brian and I decided to pick up a few crowlers from Beltline Brewery. I’m hoping to pop that one up some time soon. Hopefully tomorrow, though only time will tell.


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3 thoughts on “Brewview#45: Berry Vision Sour Fruit Beer by Big Ditch Brewing Company

  1. it’s always cool to try/ compare canned vs draft.
    although i’m not usually a fan of sours, this sounds great


  2. i haven’t seen too many sours with lactose? thoughts?


  3. I’ve been loving the sours lately!

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