Brewview#50: Singularity Galaxy by Community Beer Works

So I bought this beer last Sunday when beer shopping with my Dad and I’ve been putting a lot of thought into this Brewview. With that being said I’ve decided to change up the format for this one because of how Community Beer Works has designed their Singularity Series. Hopefully you enjoy it and I’m able to accomplish what I hope to.

So what is Community Beer Works’ Singularity Series?

It’s a series of IPA’s that is used to showcase and reveal true capabilities of a single hop. The same grain bill and yeast is used, the only thing that ever changes is the hops. Or as CBW puts it on their website:

‘The same grain bill is used in every iteration so you can fully enjoy the complexities and flavor notes of each individual hop. Singularity is a great way to enjoy a beer while learning the intricacies of a single hop varietal.’

For this part of the series their focus was Galaxy hops. A hop that I have come to enjoy and after drinking this beer I find myself experiencing a bit more enlightenment in its true capabilities.

So, shall we?

The Beer: Singularity Galaxy by Community Beer Works


Hop: Galaxy


Singularity Galaxy is very bright beer, highly carbonated with an impressive head, almost 2-3 finger widths. Color wise like I said it’s very bright, a light amber with not too much of a haze. Which is a characteristic I really enjoy about this beer, which I will get more in-depth with later. As I continue to sip on my pint, there is nice creamy residue left on the side of my glass, which is something I always like to see. All around the presentation of Singularity Galaxy was very well done.

Change of Pace

So this is where I am going to break away from my usual format. I just didn’t want anyone to miss how impressive this beer presents itself before changing it up. CBW did a great job in that category for sure!

So, Galaxy hops. What can we expect from them while drinking this beer?

I did some research, as I always do, before writing and I there isn’t too much I already didn’t know. But I did find some interesting facts about the genealogy of Galaxy hops(writing for another time though.)

Galaxy hops can be very aromatic as well as flavorful. Producing similar characteristics in both categories ranging from citrus to passion fruit, and even adding a bit of dank into their beers. Their Alpha Acid Range from my sources are between 11-16%, so don’t be surprised if there is a bitter bite with them. Knowing all that let’s dive into Singularity Galaxy and see the good work that I’m sure CBW has done for us.

Singularity Galaxy

The aromas can fill a room quite easily. When first drinking one of the cans my Dad bought we were drinking outside and even then it was not at all difficult to get a good sniff. Without shoving my nose into the can I was still able, from a foot away, to enjoy what aromas were packed into the can. Now sitting at the table inside my dining the aromas are even more exemplified. Two main aromas I am noticing are a citrusy background with a more flavorful tropical fruit nose. Perfection! After giving my glass a couple more sniffs I’m noticing more citrus notes, but still the tropical aromas fill the air.

Drinking Singularity Galaxy on the other hand is a different experience. First thing I want to make note of is the ABV of 7%, because it’s very easy to pick up on the strength of Singularity Galaxy. It doesn’t smack you in the face by any means but it will stand its ground. I’m finding more of the bitterness coming in the beginning of my sip and then tapering off, though there is still a noticeable bitterness at the end. Though when looking at the Alpha Acid Range of Galaxy hops I am not terribly surprised. Flavor wise the citrus notes move more to the fore front and remain with the entire sip, blending in the background though I am getting a slight dank flavor. But again it is mostly citrus I am tasting there might be a slight accent of grapefruit lingering with the citrus. But that might be me looking a little too far into it. A very strong and full flavor for a single hopped beer though.

The strength of the aromas and flavors packed into Singularity Galaxy do an excellent job at showcasing the true capabilities of Galaxy hops. Very forward and full.

Final Thoughts

I think Community Beer Works did an amazing job with Singularity Galaxy. The beer itself displayed the true capabilities of Galaxy hops and in my eyes has a sort of uniqueness about it considering the IPA market these days. When looking at the different IPA’s on the shelves of craft beer stores there is a plethora of NEIPA’s or Hazy/Unfiltered IPA’s, almost to the point of saturation. By brewing Singularity Galaxy, Community Beer Works took it back a step and created an IPA that is needed these days if you ask me.  An IPA that doesn’t do anything crazy but simply exemplify the capabilities of a single hop and then lets it speak for itself. Perfect beer if you ask me. Thoughts that Brian from Buffalo Beer Reviews and I both agree on when it comes to IPA’s.

When drinking Singularity Galaxy to take in everything it has to offer, please steel your mind and take the time to enjoy every aspect of it. The aromas, though they aren’t dense with crazy numerous characteristics, they are very strong and enjoyable. The flavor itself requires some extra time especially, clear your palate for there is much to pick up on.  Community Beer Works did an amazing job and I don’t want you to miss the slightest bit of Singularity Galaxy.

Also, if you’re intrigued be sure to look up Brian from Buffalo Beer Reviews, his channel is on YouTube and he does an amazing job reviewing Singularity Galaxy as well!

That’s all from me, thanks for reading!





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2 thoughts on “Brewview#50: Singularity Galaxy by Community Beer Works

  1. This singularity series is such a cool idea


  2. Amanda M Vetter April 14, 2019 — 4:22 pm

    This sounds so unique! One I would definitely look into trying! Great writing!

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