Brewview#52: Plates P’ale by Rohrbach Brewing Company

Good evening friends. Here we are on the last day of April, which hopefully means less rain and more sunshine. I know I’ve been anxiously awaiting some nice weather, as well as the rest of Buffalo is I’m sure. Brewview#52 is another beer from Rohrbach Brewing Company, one that I got from my friend Peter who was very interested to see what my thoughts were on the beer-Plates P’ale. Plates P’ale is not a beer brewed by Rohrbach’s for widespread distribution. Its main purpose was for the Rochester Red Wings baseball games, an easy beer to drink yet brewed at the same craft level as other Rohrbach beers. So if you like what you read below, maybe you should think about making one of those baseball games or you can also find it at the Rohrbach Brewery. I hope you like what you read!

The Beer: Plates P’ale

ABV:4.5% IBU:N/A

Hops and Malts unknown

Though I was unable to discover what hops and malts were used in the brewing process, I was still able to get a quick glimpse of what to expect with each pint. On the side of each Plates P’ale can Rohrbach placed a very intriguing description:

‘In collaboration with the Rochester Red Wings. Rohrbach Brewing presents the perfect brew to pair with your plate: A golden, dry American Pale Ale with toasty malts flavors and a slightly spicy hop finish.”

Like I said it is very intriguing and I have been anticipating writing this since I acquired my cans from Peter.

Batter Up

Just by pouring Plates P’ale from my can into my glass I was very impressed and intrigued appearance wise. The pour shows a nice golden straw color that is crystal clear. Making it very easy to see the energy packed into each beer, I’ve still got some carbonation bubbling up from the bottom. Everything about this appearance showcases a beer that is made for a baseball game under a hot sun. Very nice beginning so far.

Aroma wise nothing too fancy but still holding some strong appeal. At first all I picked up on was a spicy hop aroma but as time passed I did notice the addition of a very miniscule malt aroma. The spicy hop aroma does not appear to jump out and over power your senses but instead is very smooth and pleasuring to the nose. Like I said nothing too crazy but still holds some impressive characteristics, especially when looking at its brewing purposes.

The flavor of Plates P’ale is twin-like with its aromas, but still possess some unique characteristics. The overall flavor is a combination of exactly what Rohrbach’s spoke of, the toasty malt flavor and spicy hop finish. Though to be honest I feel the spicy hops flavors are seen even before the finish of each sip. In the beginning I’m getting more hints of the toasty malt flavors but very soon after that the spicy hops flavor takes the stage as well. To be as specific as possible, it’s almost mid sip if not before I being to notice them. From there on out they are easily noticed and then leave a nice after taste as well. The mouthfeel is very light, very minimal, though there is a pleasant creamy aftertaste to partner along with the hops.

My Thoughts

I think Rohrbach’s knew exactly what they were doing when brewing Plates P’ale and in my eyes they accomplished what they set out to do. Plates P’ale is a beer brewed to be drank while enjoying a baseball game under the hot sun. It’s not made in some crazy hopped out manner or with crazy concoctions, it’s made to be enjoyed by the masses. A very simple yet intriguing beer. I almost find it difficult saying simple because in no way do I want to down play how delicious Plates P’ale is. I even find myself jealous that we don’t have it at Buffalo Bison’s games, though we do have some local breweries making their appearances for the Bisons.

Like I said Plates P’ale has limited availability, mostly at the Rochester Red Wings’ baseball games and Rohrbach Breweries. I don’t think this is a beer you want to miss out on, such a delicious yet easy beer to drink. Golden perfection!



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1 thought on “Brewview#52: Plates P’ale by Rohrbach Brewing Company

  1. time for baseball & beer! i think it’s cool that they just make this special for the games. these sound like a good pair

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