Brewview#53: All America City IPA by Flying Bison Brewing Company

All America City IPA by Flying Bison Brewing Company

ABV:6.5% IBU:50

Bringing it back to Buffalo, after my last couple Brewviews coming from Rochester, I decided upon  the All America City IPA brewed by Flying Bison Brewing Company. I’ve had it on draft at the brewery and was very excited to hear about it being canned. I’ve been keeping my eye out for it and happened to stumble upon it today. I almost jumped with glee, but then I would’ve lost my last remaining man-card. But still my heart did skip a beat.

So let’s take a trip into the All America City and see what this IPA has in store for us!

Entering The City

Appearance wise this beer looks delicious. All America City has a beautiful golden straw color with a very impressive head. With the beer being so clear it is not at all difficult to see the energy packed into it, there are a lot of bubbles floating to the top of my glass and I’m guessing they will be there till the last drop.

I’m finding it a little difficult to navigate through the aromas but I will try my best to pinpoint each one. After sitting for a little bit in an attempt to give every ounce of attention to the aromas they deserve, I’m picking up on a very slight earthy aroma and a more grapefruitish aroma. Both I am guessing come from the hops used. At the very end of each sniff I am picking up on a very smooth malt aroma. It’s not terribly strong but when I first noticed it I find myself really enjoying it.

So far I’m digging the All America City IPA! The thing I’m liking most so far is how the hops and malts blend together. The hops aren’t rampaging and leaving the malts for dead, they work together very well. I’m thinking the flavor will pan out the same way.

Further Down The Road

As I went to take my next sip I noticed a little bit more of a citrus aroma as well, still not hitting me in the face but noticeable.

So flavor wise, what do we have?

Very similar to the aromas, the flavor is a very nice combination of hops and malts. This is not an IPA that I would categorize as hop strong. Which can be a nice feature to have if you ask me. I’m picking up on a bit of a malt backbone. It’s not the first thing I’m noticing but it’s there. What is more prevalent is the slight tropical, citrus overtones. Though they are a bit stronger than the malt I’m still going to stress  this IPA does not have a hop/malt competition where one seems to push the other out. I’m sure that sounds contradicting, but when you try a pint yourself I’m hoping it’ll make sense. What I’m finding to be a distinguishing factor is the dry finish this beer holds. I don’t know why but I am a little surprised by it. Don’t get me wrong though I totally enjoy it. With the dry finish there is a not much bitterness to All America City IPA, the IBU of 50 is very reasonable. Just enough bitterness with the aftertaste in my eyes.

Closing Thoughts

All America City IPA is a very refreshing IPA, and if I may a more unique IPA for the times. The hops aren’t jumping out and slapping you in the face, instead they work very well alongside the malts and create an excellent collaboration. Even with its dry finish this IPA is very refreshing and easy to drink. Just while writing this I’ve already finished three cans( and found myself slightly buzzed) I wouldn’t be surprised if I found myself buying numerous 6-packs in my near future or even stopping at the brewery after work. That’s even easier because it’s a 5 minute drive from my place of occupation. Yeah buddy!!!

Cheers to Flying Bison for blessing Buffalo with such a delicious IPA.

Thanks for reading, keep the beer flowing!

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  1. Actually tried this beer today! Its light and crisp and a perfect beer for summer! Great work.

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