Brewview#55: Just Saying Vol. 1 We’re Having Fun Dammit by Hamburg Brewing Company

Today I had the pleasure of meeting my good friend Brian at Hamburg Brewing Company for their release of Just Saying Vol. 1 and I brought home a couple 4-packs to enjoy while writing a Brewview. As much as I would like to, I don’t think I will be consuming all eight in just one sitting. Though after having Just Saying Vol. 1 on draft I don’t think it would be difficult. This beer is dangerously good and hides the 7.5% ABV very well. Consider yourself warned!

Let’s not waste anytime, I’ve been waiting all day to write this!

The Beer: Just Saying Vol. 1 We’re Having Fun Dammit NEIPA by Hamburg Brewing Company

ABV: 7.5% IBU:N/A

Hops: Simcoe



Malts: Unknown

Brewer’s Thoughts

If you browse Hamburg Brewing’s website you will not find it difficult to find information on Just Saying Vol. 1. They wrote what I think is a perfect synopsis of what to expect when enjoying a pint or two.

‘Aromatically on point, this golden beer was created with numerous hops including Simcoe, Palisade, and Citra. This is juicy; this is delicious. Fresh squeezed fun for your mouth.’

‘Keep Cold. Drink Fresh.’

Quick and to the point but there is so much more to this beer than that. I can’t wait any longer!

Cracking It Open

Just Saying Vol. 1 pours a nice golden pale straw color with an excellent head to start off. Make no mistake though, you are not going to see a thing through this beer, it is hazy and unforgiving in that matter.

The aromas of this beer are delicious and mouth watering. Characteristics coming from all three hops! Even better is that they all come together in this delicious conglomerate of juiciness. From the Citra hops I’m getting some citrus and mango aromas. The Palisades provide an overcast of floral aromas and the Simcoe hops provide that quintessential pine aroma that provides the perfect accent in the background. All together these aromas burst with NEIPA style written all over them with some uniqueness from the Simcoe hops. By the time you’re done reading this I’m sure you’ll be able to tell I love Simcoe hops, I cannot get enough of the pine!

Before we proceed, I want to stress how the aromas flow together in a very smooth manner. To me that is such an important quality to possess!

What Are You Saying?

Flavor wise Just Saying Vol. 1 follows perfectly in the footsteps of appearance and aromas. This beer is golden. Similar to the aromas, it’s very easy to pick up on each hop with every sip taken.

In the beginning of the sip I’m getting some very nice citrus and mango  flavors with slight hints of pine. The citrus and mango flavor come mostly from the Citra hops I’m sure, with some notes from the Palisade hops. Though I’m noticing more of the Palisade hops mid to end sip. The citrus and mango flavors step back and allow more of the floral and fruit/tropical fruity flavors to take the stage which I’m thinking are from the Palisade hops. Walking along side the floral and fruit flavors is a nice pine  accent which will follow into the end of the sip as well as the after taste. Perfect Simcoe addition. Not only am I getting the pine after taste I’m also noticing a nice tropical fruit characteristic in the back ground.

This beer is smooth as glass, in a very dangerous manner. The ABV of 7.5% is very well hidden which makes it very hard to limit myself while writing this(if only I didn’t have to work in the morning). Bitterness is pretty much non existent making this an excellent beer for what I hope is hot and sunny Buffalo summer.

Closing Thoughts

This beer is amazing. I love when I can drink a beer and track each hop that is used and Just Saying Vol. 1 is a prime example of that kind of beer. Right from the get go I found it easy to pinpoint each hop and enjoy every aspect of the beer knowing where it all came from. If you ask me this is a perfect NEIPA, very juicy with an interesting addition of pine from the Simcoe hops. There is absolutely no way this will not be one of the first beers my wife drinks after she pops our son out! Kim, I love you!

Hamburg Brewing Company Just Saying Vol. 1 is an amazing start to this IPA series. I think it goes without saying I’m looking forward to Vol. 2!


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5 thoughts on “Brewview#55: Just Saying Vol. 1 We’re Having Fun Dammit by Hamburg Brewing Company

  1. it’s rare that you’re this in-love with an IPA… it must be great 😏
    pumped to try it! also the cool name & can design are a plus too

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is a beer I hope to keep a good supply of!


  2. plus i’m always down for a good series!!


  3. natalievetter May 16, 2019 — 5:46 pm

    “conglomerate of juiciness” is a great band name.

    I would try this IPA! The mango/citrus vibes are right up my alley!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. conglomerate of juiciness is the best expression i’ve ever heard.
      especially about an IPA 😈🍻

      Liked by 1 person

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