Brewview#57: Radle On Lemon Radler by Rohrbach Brewing Company

Heading out to Rochester again for a new beer from Rohrbach Brewing Company-their Radle On. Brewed to be a beer that is made for hot summer days, this beer will definitely find a warm welcome in Buffalo. Radle On is a lemon Radler  more commonly known today as a Shandy.

While reading up on Radle On under Rohrbach’s website, I was able to find some interesting history regarding the origins of the Radler style of beer. Invented by Franz Krugler was an innkeeper found in a small town outside of Munich, Germany. While working, cyclists would announce their return to his inn allowing Krugler to realize he had a very high demand for beer. In order to meet these increasing demands Krugler would blend his beer with fresh lemonade. Not what I expected for an origin story for beer, but he must have done something right because here we are modern day still drinking Radlers.

Now that we know the history behind the Radler, let’s see what Rohrbach’s Radle On has a in store for us.

The Beer: Radle On Lemon Radler by Rohrbach Brewing Company

ABV: 4.0% IBU: 15

Brewers Notes

Coming straight off their website:

‘Rohrbach Brewing Co. is excited to announce its release of Radle On, a lemon radler. German for “cyclist,” this radler is a crisp ale blended with fresh lemon for a light, refreshing pint. It’s a thirst-quenching sessionable summer brew perfect for all things fun in the sun.’

I’ve already had a few, the only thing lacking was a hot summer day…Still waiting for some consistent warm weather in Buffalo.

Let’s Radle

Appearance wise Radle On is a very attractive beer, especially when looking at it’s brewing purposes. It pours a very refreshing golden straw color that is crystal clear making it very easy to see the carbonation built into this beer. On top of the pour I got an amazing head that simmered down but is showing some longevity.

When first opening my can and pouring it into my glass I was able to pick up on the aromas from a good foot or so away. Though they aren’t strong and very subtle, it’s very easy to tell where they are coming from. At first I get a nice sweet lemonade aroma that holds some nice refreshing characteristics. This is very brief, for soon after comes a more sour lemon side of things. A nice combination that shows the true capacity of Radle On.  Though these aromas are not very strong, they do have the tendency to poke out at you when least expecting it.

So far Radle On is living up to everything Rohrbach’s has said about it.

Down The Path

Flavor wise, Radle On is definitely a beer you want to put on your list for enjoying after some yard work under the hot sun. I’m getting a good combination of lemonade and beer, but mostly lemonade. What makes this beer enjoyable is how the flavor changes throughout the entire sip.

At the very beginning of each sip I get a very smooth sweet lemonade flavor that then acquires a quick lemon zing to it. From there on out comes the beer and lemonade combination. At the roof of my mouth I’m getting a very refreshing lemon bite, not too strong but just right for all intents and purposes. The end of he sip I get a quick burst of beer that then creates a path for a nice lemonade after taste. Not at all bitter, surprisingly with it being a lemon Radler. It has a light creamy mouthfeel that brings out the refreshing nature even more.

Raddle Off

Radle On is a delicious lemon Radler that is truly a beer made for hot summer days. Holding a nice lemonade flavor I do not see it being difficult to empty a few of these on my back deck. The only thing needed is some hot Buffalo days.

Rohrbach knew exactly what they were doing when brewing this beautiful creation! I look forward to see what’s next!


2 thoughts on “Brewview#57: Radle On Lemon Radler by Rohrbach Brewing Company

  1. natalievetter June 5, 2019 — 2:41 am

    I know I would like this! I love a good Shandy in the summer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s amazing! Get it quick, I’m thinking it’ll see quick!


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