Brewview#58: Blackberry Sauce Imperial Gose by Hamburg Brewing Company

I’ve got another perfect summer beer for Brewview#58, especially if you want to step out of the IPA realm and try something new. Hamburg Brewing Company’s Blackberry Sauce is a delicious Imperial Gose that combines the tart of a Gose and sour side of blackberries. It’s only a few months back that I really started to enjoy Gose’, so I still see myself as inexperienced with them. Though I truly believe Blackberry Sauce will remain a favorite of mine for some time.

In the words of Hamburg Brewing, Let’s ‘get lost in the sauce!’

The Beer: Blackberry Sauce Imperial Gose by Hamburg Brewing Company

ABV: 8% IBU: 15

Hops: Cascade

Malts: Two Row Barley


Brewer’s Thoughts

It’s very easy to find Blackberry Sauce on Hamburg Brewing’s website. But for all intents and purposes I’ll add in their intriguing synopsis of what can be found within Blackberry Sauce.

‘A contemporary take on an old world German style that has a tart fruitiness from blackberries, coriander and Mediterranean sea salt. This quickly became a fan favorite, so we pumped up the ABV and added more fruit for a delicious summer time Gose. Get lost in the sauce.’

Jumping In

Blackberry Sauce’s pour is as interesting as it is mouth watering. I was having trouble thinking of a way to describe the color and honestly I’m speechless. Thankfully Hamburg Brewing came to my rescue, they are describing it as Rose-Pink. Spot on I’d say. It holds a crystal clear appearance making it even easier to ‘get lost in the sauce.’

Blackberry Sauce holds some strength with its aromas. I’m writing this outside and I can feel the tartness nipping at my nose. Characteristic wise it holds both the blackberry sour side and Gose tart side of things. Though after thinking about it for a bit, I’m noticing more of a tart than a sour. The blackberries really jump out in the aroma.

‘Get Lost’

The flavor of Blackberry Sauce is equally as intriguing as its appearance and aroma. With each sip beginning with the blackberry sour notes I’m seeing how easy it is to ‘get lost in the sauce.’ It’s only the beginning and this is turning into a mouthwatering experience. From there and towards the middle comes the sour Gose side of things, this is where the Mediterranean Sea Salt kicks in for me. This will hold out until the end of the sip but with the addition of a nice Cascade hop addition. If I’m not mistaken I’m picking up a little bit of the grapefruit/citrus hop characteristics. It’s not very strong though it does make Blackberry Sauce go down a bit smoother. There isn’t very much bitterness though you will be left with a sour aftertaste, a slightly less bite from the Mediterranean Sea Salt.

The mouthfeel shows the Two Row Barely and Wheat malt. I’m thinking there is a light to medium body, leaning more towards light though it does hold a creamy mouthfeel. The creamy mouthfeel really accents the sour aftertaste. Both compliment each other perfectly.

Good Till the Last Drop

Blackberry Sauce is a perfect combination of blackberry tartness and Gose sourness. Both are used in perfect collaboration making this beer Imperial in ABV but also in flavor. I’m hoping to keep a full stock of Blackberry Sauce for the upcoming hot summer days, though one must proceed with caution. If it didn’t say 8% ABV on the can I would have no idea of it’s true strength. The 8% is hidden well making this beer a perfect summer relaxation beer!



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4 thoughts on “Brewview#58: Blackberry Sauce Imperial Gose by Hamburg Brewing Company

  1. mmmm the blackberry & sea salt sound like a really delicious combination …
    any thoughts on those 2 ingredients together? i dont know if i’ve ever seen those paired together before, let alone sea salt in any beer i’ve tried.
    the beer itself is a really nice pinky purple color, which made it seem even more enticing…

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    1. Like I said it’s a perfect collaboration of sour and tart. They dance perfectly together, never stepping on the other’s toes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i did a quick search & i’ve only seen sea salt added to a few goses. makes sense then. i bet it would be a weird combo in other types of beers


  2. natalievetter June 5, 2019 — 2:43 am

    I’ve been so into gose’s lately, I would like to try this one

    Liked by 1 person

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