Brewview#59: Hop On The Mic American IPA by 12 Gates Brewing Company

I’ve got another solid IPA lined up for Brewview#59-12 Gates Brewing Company’s Hop On The Mic American IPA. I’m not at all surprised at how amazing this beer is because 12 Gates brews some amazing IPAs, along with all their other beers. By no means is 12 Gates a one trick pony when it comes to brewing, the last time I ventured there the tap list had a diverse display of beers. So I’m sure without a doubt they would have something you like!

The Beer: Hop On The Mic American IPA by 12 Gates Brewing Company

ABV: 6.5% IBU: 40

Hops: Galaxy


El Dorado

Brewer’s Thoughts

Similar to their other beers, 12 Gates provides a nice description on the side of each can. This is what can be expected when one steps up to the Mic:

‘Music and beer go hand in hand creating a combination like no other. Crank up the dial and crack open a Hop On The Mic. This American IPA is jam-packed with Galaxy, Citra, and El Dorado hops for a measure of tropical fruit and citrus against a clean malt background. Drink to you own beat and check one, two before you Hop On The Mic.’

Check One, Two

First impression wise Hop On The Mic provides a strong presentation. Once I cracked open the can I was able to get a whiff of the citrus aromas which became more prevalent in my pint glass. My overall impression was very tropical, though some characteristics stuck out more than others. As I said before there was a very pleasant citrus aroma with a very nice mango accent to it, perfect demonstration of the Citra hops. At times I even found some dank from the Galaxy hops as well as a slight pear aroma from the El Dorado hops. All of these aromas came together to create a perfect aroma conglomerate for Hop On The Mic.

Appearance wise Hop On The Mic is very attractive. A golden, pale straw color with a slight haze. A decent head that is leaving a nice creamy residue on the side of my glass. I’d be very curious about this beer if the person next to me at the bar was drinking one and I hadn’t known of it yet.

Mic Drop

It is not at all difficult to pick up on American-style of this IPA. When it comes to flavor Hop On The Mic is very similar to its aromas and spot on with what 12 Gates says about it. Though I feel we can go more in depth than just tropical and citrus. Yes, the flavor as a whole is very tropical but there are some points worth making. The citrus is very much like a blanket with some mango and grapefruit poking out here and there. Great use of Citra and El Dorado hops. Towards the end there is some noticeable dank, again coming from the Galaxy hops. Once you get past the dank there is a citrus and mango after taste. If you ask me the mango is a bit stronger. Though there is very little bitterness to Hop On The Mic, the after taste has some strength to it. The clean malt background that 12 Gates spoke of does make itself more know toward the end of each sip and aftertaste.

With solid flavors comes a solid ABV of 6.5%. Though this isn’t a terribly high ABV I’m noticing Hop On The Mic does pack a slight punch. By no means will it knock you on your ass but you’ll know you drank an excellent beer when your glass is empty.


Hop On The Mic is exactly what I expected when seeing 12 Gates’ logo on it. A true representation of an American IPA with its citrus presence. The overall tropical mood of the beer makes it a perfect summer beer especially with a smooth malt addition at the end and light body. Strong, solid brewing if you ask me, very well done 12 Gates, though I’m not at all surprised.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Brewview#59: Hop On The Mic American IPA by 12 Gates Brewing Company

  1. Yeah man. I agree. It packs a nice punch into that little citrus body.

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    1. And it’s not overly complicated or jam packed with numerous flavors.

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  2. Great post! I love the sound of galaxy hops. What sets this type of hops apart from others?

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    1. I love Galaxy because they produce a good combo of citrus and dank. They can be used in both East and West Coast IPAs.

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