Brewview#60: Mimosa IPA by Ellicottville Brewing Company

As promised on my Twitter here is Brewview#60 a delicious and intriguing IPA from Ellicottville Brewing Company-Mimosa IPA! I’ll be honest I’m not really a Mimosa kind of person but I am happy I tried this beer. The can itself has some interesting artwork that in my opinion matches the beer very well. But let’s not waste any more time and crack open a can.

The Beer: Mimosa IPA by  Ellicottville Brewing Company

ABV:7% IBU: 75

Hops: Hallertau Blanc


Other Ingredients: Valencia Oranges and Tangerines

Brewer’s Thoughts

On Untappd I found a quick preview of what’s to come:

‘This Mimosa inspired hazy IPA is brewed using big additions of Hallertau Blanc and Sabro hops, Valencia Oranges and Tangerines. It has a smooth hop bitterness with flavors of oranges and peach.’


First Impressions

The pour of Mimosa IPA is very intriguing, not at all what I expected. The color of the beer is a light amber, very hazy making it difficult to see even shadows through it. The head of the beer has a nice creamy consistency allowing it to stick around for a while.

If there is one way I could describe the aromas it’s soft. Not at all in your face but floating through the air, something nice to wake up to in the morning. There are three main components I’m able to pick up on with a nice tropical background.

The first aroma I got was from one of my favorite hops, Hallertau Blanc; a nice fresh straw aroma. The next two walk hand in hand, not surprising since they both from the Sabro hops; tangerine and coconut. Out of all three the fresh straw is the strongest but still brings in the tangerine and coconut as a great accent.

Delicious as it is intriguing.

Drink Up

Again like I said before I’m not one to crave a Mimosa but that should not deter one from trying EBC’s Mimosa’s IPA. The flavors of this beer are not at all what I expected and quite unique if you ask me.

The Hallertua Blanc hops are not as prevalent but still make a appearance. The Sabro hops are definitely the main supplier of flavor. Right off the bat in the beginning of my sip I’m getting a nice tangerine burst which then moves towards a delicious combination of coconut and citrus. The coconut flavor holds some strength especially with the creamy mouthfeel, both walking hand in hand. From the coconut and citrus mid-sip combination towards the end of the sip comes the Hallertau Blanc earthy and herbal flavor. At the very end comes the tangerine we tasted in the beginning with coconut and earthy additions. The after taste is predominantly coconut with slight earthy and citrus accents. Though mostly it consists of coconut. This is one instance you will hear my say I like coconuts.

Like I said before there is a nice creamy mouthfeel that to me retains some coconut flavor. It has a medium-ish body which is very refreshing. I’m not sure if I agree with IBU rating of 75 which I found on Untappd. There is some bitterness but very quick moving, it compliments the slight citrus and tangerine bite that I’m appreciating a bit more with each sip of Mimosa IPA. Though after taking more time to think with each sip, this beer has a more dry component than bitter.

This beer is very interesting. Not at all what I would expect.

Final Thoughts

EBC did a great job at creating a very unique IPA. Mimosa IPA is refreshing as it is intriguing. From the soft aromas in the beginning to the dry after taste at the end, each sip reveals more and more. This is a limited release beer, through summer and I recommend picking up a four pack. This is a beer you do not want to miss out on!


Side Note: My beautiful wife is due to give birth this upcoming Monday, I’m not sure how much time I will have in the next few weeks. So don’t be surprised if there is some radio silence for what I hope is a short amount of time.

As always thanks for your support!

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5 thoughts on “Brewview#60: Mimosa IPA by Ellicottville Brewing Company

  1. I love the artwork on the can! and I am a mimosa girl so I would try this one! You’ll have to pick some extra delicious beers to sample after the baby is born 🙂

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    1. I think I’m going to let Kim pick some!

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  2. This one sounds perfect for summer! Hazy and fresh. I would be interested in trying it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Pick some up before it’s all out!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like a perfect beer to sip on while you’re sitting outside on a nice summer day 🙂 This one sounds delicious and refreshing – I like the sound of the citrus. Also, the artwork is really awesome!

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