Brewview#62: Echo Victor Lima by Ellicottville Brewing Company in collaboration with WNY Heroes

This will most likely be one of the most important Brewviews I have ever done because of the support it’s providing. Ellicottville Brewing Company teamed up with WNY Heroes to brew this delicious beer and help support local heroes. A portion of the proceeds made from Echo Victor Lima will aid WNY Heroes in their support of those in need.

Before getting to the beer I would first like to discuss what WNY Heroes does as an organization. WNY Heroes is a non profit Veteran organization providing financial assistance and other support for those who have served or are currently serving our country. Being a Veteran I don’t take it lightly how fortunate I have been during my service and since getting out. For some the battles aren’t always overseas and may require assistance on the home front. Thank you WNY Heroes for all the support you provide!

I’m also very excited to write this because I’ve been looking for a new Lager to try and change things up. Once I saw the release of Echo Victor Lima on Twitter I knew it would be my next Brewview!

Let’s do this!

The Beer: Echo Victor Lima by Ellicottville Brewing Company collaboration with WNY Heroes

ABV: 4.5% IBU: 25

Hops: German Noble Hops

Malts: Traditional German Malts

Brewer’s Thoughts

If you have the Untappd app there is quick summary to aid in your enjoyment.

‘German Helles brewed in collaboration with WNY Heroes. Traditional German malts and noble hops create a smooth drinking lager to support our local heroes.’

Lock and Load

Coming right out of the can Echo Victor Lima produced what I think is a quintessential lager aroma! Instantly my mouth started watering. I’m able to pick up on both the malts and hops in the aromas. There’s a nice earthy aroma coming from the hops with a slight bread/malt aroma roaming in the background. At this point I knew Echo Victor Lima was going to be an excellent beer and that Ellicottville and WNY Heroes were on their A-game!

Appearance wise Echo Victor Lima is just as attractive if not slightly more. Boasting a crisp golden/ pale straw color that’s crystal clear. With the beer being so clear it’s not at all difficult to see the energy packed into it. It’s been quite a while since I poured it and the bubbles are still rising. Atop all this is a very refreshing looking head, possessing some strength to it.

So far Echo Victor Lima is shaping up to be a perfect beer in my eyes. Hopefully the rest of the mission is a success.

Down the Hatch

I feel compelled to start off this section by saying there is only one other lager that I find to be as good as Echo Victor Lima.

In the beginning of the sip the malts are leading the charge. I’m getting a whole hearted but very soft bread flavor that after a short bit makes room for the hops. The hops provide a delicious earthy flavor with what I consider a spicy German hop flavor as well. Though the earthy flavor is more prominent the spicy flavor provides a nice touch to it making it more wholesome. This beer just shouts ‘German!’

So we’re at mid-sip now I believe. This is the point where I find the crisp, refreshing lager taste comes in for Echo Victor Lima. A more malty, slightly dry characteristic. This doesn’t last long because shortly after comes the perfect finish for this beer! Coming back is the bread and malt flavor accompanied by the earthy hop flavor. Making for a great combination, they couldn’t flow any smoother together. There’s no clashing of flavors or one over powering the other. They compliment each other perfectly. Allowing the brewing expertise of Ellicottville to speak for itself! The immediate aftertaste is a creamy malt flavor that quickly changes to the earthy and spicy German hop flavor. You couldn’t ask for a better end to each sip!

The body of Echo Victor Lima is very full, leaving a nice creamy residue after each sip. Compared to some other lagers I’ve had, one way I would describe it is a bit rounder or more encompassing. One of the characteristics that holds true to the Helles Lager name.

At Ease

To sum up Echo Victor Lima is simple but requires some length. In short, it’s a perfect summer beer with its refreshing characteristics. On the lengthy side, Echo Victor Lima is in my opinion a quintessential Helles Lager, one to lead the charge. It possess both the traditional German malt and hop flavors, combining both together at times to create a perfect Helles Lager. Like I said before this beer just screams ‘German!’ It’s refreshing, it’s full bodied, and it supports a great cause!

If you’re in the market for a Lager, Echo Victor Lima should be on your list. You do not want to miss out on this beer.

Thanks for reading, I really enjoyed writing Brewview#62. Please be sure to check out WNY Heroes and see what they’re all about. Here is their website, . They are doing amazing things for people that signed a blank check knowing what the ultimate price could be.

WNY Heroes as a Veteran I couldn’t thank you enough!


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2 thoughts on “Brewview#62: Echo Victor Lima by Ellicottville Brewing Company in collaboration with WNY Heroes

  1. First off, thank you for your service!! It’s awesome to see the collaboration to benefit Veterans. Your post makes me want to try this beer. I’m definitely a lager fan!

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    1. Consumers should have them available.

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