Brewview#65: 1813 Porter by Buffalo Brewing Company

I’ve got another brewery new to 716Brewviews–Buffalo Brewing Company. Buffalo Brewing Company is one of the smaller breweries in Buffalo, but by no means does that mean their beer isn’t as good. I had the chance to stop by for a little bit and enjoyed some excellent conversation as well as a few pints. The atmosphere is amazing and very welcoming with the door always open to those passing by who might be curious. Before leaving I acquired my self some crowlers to take home and enjoy with my wife as well as for Brewview#65.

One of the coolest things about Buffalo Brewing Company is the names of all their beers. Each one has a date that mark important events that took place in Buffalo. The 1813 Porter, which I will be writing about is named after the year the British burned down Buffalo during the War of 1812. Like I said some excellent Buffalo history and trivia to impress your friends.

So what is the 1813 Porter? Let’s find out!

The Beer: 1813 Porter by Buffalo Brewing Company

Hops: Chinook

East Kent Golding (UK)

Ignite the Fire

My first impression of the 1813 Porter was jaw dropping. Just from opening the can I was hit with some excellent aromas that show the strength of the brewing. Equally as impressive if not more was the depth and darkness of the beer itself! You will not be able to see a morsel through the 1813 Porter, this porter is dark as the night, black! If Batman had a favorite beer, it would more than likely be the 1813 Porter. A dark beer befits the Dark Knight.

The aromas I spoke of earlier were everything I expected in a well brewed porter. The first thing that hit my nose was the beautiful East Kent Golding aromas right out of the can. The air was filled with a delicious leather, tobacco aroma. But once I really put my nose in the glass I was able to pick up on a slight fruity aroma to accompany the other ones as well. Besides the hops, I also got some great malt aromas as well. It was not at all difficult to get a nice roasted malt and coffee aroma with a slight hint of chocolate. But overall the back bone of the aromas is the roasted malt. Delicious and mouth watering!

Fan The Flames

Moving on from the aromas was not a hard task at all, this beer is delicious. The 1813 Porter has everything a well brewed porter should have. Right off the bat in the beginning of the sip I’m getting a delicious roasted coffee flavor that is supported by the East Kent Golding hops with a nice leather, tobacco flavor. Mid sip is very similar though I think I’m getting a stronger roasted flavor rather than the East Kent Goldings. If I’m not mistaken I think it’s quite possible I am getting a little touch of the Chinook hops as well with a slight dank addition. It’s not in your face but sits in the background possessing a very subtle presence. At the end of the sip things seem to change a little bit. The Chinook hops step up a little bit more with a slight bitter punch. By no means are you getting smacked in the face with a bitter hop bomb, but it’s a nice touch to finish your sip. Alongside that bitterness is what I’m thinking is a slight fruity addition from the East Kent Golding hops with some nice roasted coffee flavors as well.

The after taste of the 1813 Porter is very intriguing and a unique touch if you ask me. After each sip there is a nice dry crisp finish, to which you are left with a nice dry mouthfeel. The aftertaste is rich with some nice chocolate flavors alongside some roasted characteristics. I’m not totally sure but there might be a resiny flavor/mouthfeel as well, I’m guessing from the Chinook hops. I love that part quite a bit. The East Kent Golding hops do play a minor role but I’m mostly getting the Chinook hops and malts. As time goes on I’m noticing a slight coffee bitterness as well, this partners very well the Chinook bitterness. All in all a very solid after taste and crisp finish to the 1813 Porter.

Concluding Thoughts

As I said before Buffalo Brewing Company may not be one of the biggest breweries in Buffalo, but that doesn’t stop them from brewing delicious beer. The 1813 Porter is a perfect example. The depth of the this Porter matches the darkness it holds with each pour. The combination of the Chinook and East Kent Golding hops work perfectly in conjunction with the malt flavors. There is nothing about this beer that doesn’t scream ‘Porter!’ This beer would be perfect for some late night lounging or good conversation at Buffalo Brewing Company’s tap room.

By they way I feel I must mention how amazing my first time was at Buffalo Brewing Company. The second I walked in I was hit with excellent conversation and a beautiful atmosphere. If you want an easy going, welcoming experience, Buffalo Brewing Company is a place for you.

Welcome to 716Brewviews Buffalo Brewing Company!


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