Brewview#66: Interrobang by Community Beers Work

I had a great day yesterday! I was able to pick up some new can releases in Buffalo from two breweries–Community Beer Works and Resurgence Brewing Company. And then got to spend the rest of the day with my family. Loads of fun!

Today’s Brewview comes from Community Beer Works, though Resurgence won’t be far behind. For now let’s concentrate on one beer though, Interrobang, an American IPA brewed on the West Side of Buffalo at Community Beer Works. I’ve had it a few times and now I am stoked to be able to write about it.

Let’s have some fun!

The Beer: Interrobang American IPA by Community Beer Works

ABV: 7.2% IBU: N/A

Hops: Mosaic



Malts: CMC Premium Two Row

CMC Superior Pale

Brewer’s Thoughts

If you’re on CBW’s website and perusing the beer menu you will find a nice write up of what a glass of Interrobang holds.

‘Interrobang is a well rounded IPA with Mosaic and Amarillo hops. Bright citrus, dank pine, juicy peach come together with a mild bitterness complimented by a well rounded malt profile.’

Another thing I noted and I wasn’t aware of is Interrobang used to be part of the Singularity Series for Mosaic hops. Since then CBW has done some fine tuning and says Interrobang is more refined and elevated than Mosaic Singularity. Sounds pretty good to me.

Opening Thoughts

Immediately after cracking open the can I noticed a strong combination of citrus and dank pine aromas. The citrus aroma really nips at your nostrils, making its presence known. After pouring the beer in my glass I noticed a slight change, for the better in my opinion. The citrus and dank pine mellowed out slightly and made room for a smooth peach aroma. These aromas are mouth watering and provide Interrobang with a great first impression. A great use of all the hops.

Interrobang holds a nice dark straw color with a nice head to top it off. Make no mistake this beer holds a lot of energy. With the clarity that this beer possesses it is not difficult to see all the bubbles rising.

So far Interrobang has created quite a name itself and we still have half of the Brewview to go!

Down the Hatch

In the beginning of each sip I’m noticing a smooth juicy peach flavor with a enticing citrus bite. They go together very well, the peach flavor is very smooth and then in comes this citrus punch. Boom! Perfect. Moving towards the middle of each sip I’m noticing the beer tastes a little heavier. It’s at that point that the dank pine comes back into play but partnered with what I’m thinking is a nice malt background as well. The citrus lingers on but it almost seems as if the peach is disappearing. Towards the ends of the sip there is a nice smooth transition, the citrus and dank pine flavors remain but I’m also getting some floral notes as well. It’s a nice touch with its mellowing affect on the citrus and dank pine flavors, though they are still hold some strength if you ask me. The aftertaste is an amazing show of the Mosaic hop. I’m getting a complex range of flavors, berry, floral, bubblegum, and citrus. All spawning from Mosaic hops. Though that is not all, let’s not forget about the nice dank pine CBW spoke of in their description. I’m not always excited when there is a dank pine after taste because of how strong it can be. Not at all in Interrobang’s case, it holds the perfect amount of dank. I’m loving it! There is a nice bitter punch that accompanies the complex after taste. Though it doesn’t stick around too long, makes its appearance and then allows the after taste to take completely over. Overall, Interrobang is an excellent American IPA, each hop was used to its full potential if you ask me. Like I mentioned the Mosaic hops really came through in the after taste as well as providing the nice floral touches. The Amarillo hops give us that nice juicy peach and citrus flavors. And finally the Columbus hops provide a nice dank bitterness, which CBW did perfectly with.

Closing Thoughts

CBW did some great work refining Mosaic Singularity and then transforming it into Interrobang. This American IPA really shows the complexity of hops and if used correctly the amazing outcome that can be produced. By no means was it at all difficult to pick up on the flavors within Interrobang, but one must take their time to enjoy everything there is to offer. There’s no rush, I’m sure CBW does not at all mind brewing more if the supply were to run short.

Cheers to CBW for making another great beer to help enlighten Buffalo!

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it. Like I said I also picked some beers up from Resurgence and I plan on writing them up within the next few days. Be sure to keep an eye out!

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