Brewview#67: The Legend of the Cone IPA by Resurgence Brewing Company

As promised before in my previous post here we are with Brewview#67 from Resurgence Brewing Company! This beer is a one of a kind beer; brewed for a once in a life time Buffalo legend. I’m sure if you’ve been to a couple of Buffalo sporting events you may have seen Conehead selling beer for everyone to enjoy. Well now Buffalo have a beer brewed especially for him! The Legend of the Cone IPA: The Legend of The Cone!

What should we expect from this beer that has a reputation built right into it? First off, it’s mandatory you must drink it cold(The Conehead Guarantee). Secondly, as described by Resurgence Brewing Company it’s a Buffalo style IPA. So it must be delicious!

So for those who don’t know, let me introduce Conehead!

Well his first name is Tom, if we must be formal. But more importantly, why is he a Buffalo legend? That’s simple! He has been vending for 48 years, has worked 6,994 games, vended 1,480,018 beer, and to be easily recognized he wears No.79 on his jerseys( just in case his conehead wasn’t obvious enough.) Some pretty fascinating numbers, if you don’t believe me be sure to buy a 4-pack yourself and check the can(thanks Resurgence for the info).

Now that we know about the man, let’s drink a beer in his honor!

The Beer: The Legend of the Cone IPA by Resurgence Brewing Company

ABV: 5.5% IBU: N/A

Hops: Mosaic

Brewer’s Thoughts

On the side of each can Resurgence gave us some insight on what The Legend of the Cone has in store for us, as well as some Conehead trivia!

‘Hailing from the swift shores of Tonawanda, Tom ‘Conehead’ Girot has been wandering the stands of local stadiums since the 70’s vending the coldest of brews with the tallest of domes. Conehead’s Single Hop IPA delivers a big floral aroma, juicy flavor, and subtle earthiness. Light bittering allows the complex flavors of the Mosaic to shine. To our beer drinker’s we say, ‘Welcome, to the Conezone.’

Cone Impression

Right after grabbing a cold one from the fridge I cracked it open and was hit with the big floral aromas that Resurgence spoke of. Even with my glass sitting a foot away from me I can still pick up on the floral notes dissipating into the atmosphere. Besides the floral aromas I also picked up on a mouth watering citrus/juicy accent. Both of those put together is a deadly combination, especially when it comes to hot Buffalo summer days!

The Legend of the Cone has an appearance that is able to back up the delicious aromas it first hits you with. This beer is an intriguing pale straw color with a beautiful haze. Both the aromas and color put together makes it even more appealing for a beer at a ball game or even after a hard day of working. To top it off the head is very appealing, it has a nice thick creamy appearance and it seems to be sticking around for the party.

Between the aromas and presentation of The Legend of the Cone, it’s truly shaping up to be an amazing Buffalo Style IPA!

Let’s Drink

Right off the bat in the beginning of each sip I am getting a big juicy flavor, that also has some mango tones to it. Very delicious and refreshing. Mid sip reveals itself to be the same but also reveals the light body and creamy mouthfeel of the beer. Barely making it through each sip and I’m finding myself craving more of The Legend. More towards the end of the sip I am getting the subtle earthy notes that Resurgence mentioned. As subtle as they are, they are very enjoyable! The body of the beer picks up a bit towards the end of the sip as well. I’m noticing a more creamy mouthfeel that quickly levels off as the after taste makes its presence known. Very similar to the floral notes the after taste is quite subtle. The fact that it’s not smacking you in the face or obnoxious makes this beer very enjoyable. Not to mention the extremely low bittering. It’s nice every once in a while to have an IPA that doesn’t break the bank with its bitterness.

But what does the after taste hold in store for us, besides craving another Legend of the Cone? I’m getting a mix of flavors, which I’m not at all surprised with the complexity of the Mosaic hop.  In the beginning I’m noticing a slight juicy characteristic to it, though this isn’t the main feature. What holds the spot light is a more noticeable floral taste, very smooth with no intention of rocking the boat. As weird as it may seem, I think I’m also getting a bubble gum flavor. It’s not very potent but still pokes its head out enough to be noticed. As everything trails off I am hit with a slight burst of mango, a perfect touch to top it off! After all is said and done the mouthfeel is still very light, though there is a very minor creamy texture leftover.

Over all, this is a damn good beer!

Closing Thoughts

I’m sure Conehead is proud of this beer, I certainly know I would be. It has mouth watering aromas, delicious flavors, and a refreshing after taste. On top of it, this beer is a perfect depiction of the true capabilities of Mosaic hops. Mosaic hops are known to be complex. To be able to harness different aspects of the hops and brew a beer that hits on those different capabilities is amazing. I’ve had other beers that were single hop beers using Mosaic hops, The Legend of the Cone tops them without a doubt. Resurgence did an excellent job and showed true craftsmanship with this beer! Well done brewers!

On a minor note, if I were you I’d head down to Resurgence and pick up a 4-pack as soon as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if this beer doesn’t last long on the shelves!

Thanks for reading as always! If you liked what you read, please feel free to leave a comment or even head over to the ‘Become A Follower’ page and click ‘Follow.’ The slightest bit of support means the world to me!



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