Brewview#70: Hop Drop: Hazy IPA by Rohrbach Brewing Company

A while back I heard of Rohrbach’s releasing Hop Drop again and since then I’ve been eagerly waiting to get my hands on a few. Lucky enough for me my awesome wife Kim bought us a four pack and thus my waiting has come to an end. I’ve already tried one and since then I’ve been anticipating Brewview#70!

Here we go!

The Beer: Hop Drop: Hazy IPA New England Style

ABV: 6.7% IBU: 36

Hops: Citra

Idaho 7


Malts: Flaked Oats

Brewer’s Notes

On the side of each can Rohrbach’s was nice enough to provide us with what will be dropped when opening a can of Hop Drop!

‘Hop Drop Hazy IPA is the latest of our fresh-release series. This hazy India Pale Ale has a pillowy soft mouthfeel thanks to the loads of flaked oats in the mash. With the vast majority of the Idaho 7, Azacca, and Citra hops added post-boil and in two hefty dry hop additions, the bitterness is subdued but hop flavors and aromas of citrus, mango, and pineapple abound.’

Before the Drop

When first opening the can I was instantly hit with a strong pineapple aroma. While proceeding to fill my glass the pineapple aroma proved itself to more dominant but still allowed some nice mango and tropical aromas to break through. The pineapple aroma even provides a nice bite to it that one would notice while eating an actual pineapple. Mouthwatering! The mango and tropical aromas have a nice mellowing characteristic to them. If you ask me this gives the aromas a nice well rounded presence. Each aroma holds their ground well but there is no competition between them that would make one less enjoyable than the other.

Hop Drop doesn’t have that stereotypical thick juicy New England IPA haze to it. Which is nice if you ask me, it’s good to have some change in the New England IPA style. With that being said though, you will not being seeing too much of anything through this beer. Even when held up to the light all I’m seeing is small shadows.  Color wise Hop Drop is a very attractive light straw that pair well with its beautiful haze. The head from the pour was impressive though that did not stick around for too long.

So far so good.

Let the Hops Drop!

Flavor wise Hop Drop has the potential to be complicated, but you understand its full potential if you take the time. On a more general note I’m getting some very strong pineapple notes as well as both the mango and citrus flavors Rohrbach’s spoke of. But I would like to be more specific than that, so please bear with me I’ll be sure to make it worth your time.

Right up front in the beginning of the sip I’m getting some sour bites almost as if eating a pineapple or citrus fruit. From there the flavors round off a bit more with the pineapple flavor being the strongest through out. Though there are some notes of mango and papaya accompanying the pineapple, almost softening the sour bite. Mid sip I am noticing a more general tropical flavor, a nice conglomeration of pineapple, mango, and citrus. Though none of them stick out from the other I don’t think it’s an issue, on the contrary it’s quite pleasant and works perfectly with the ‘pillowy mouthfeel.’ The citrus takes center stage more towards the end of the sip. Again there’s a nice citrus bite that tags along as well. By no means does this provide a bitter end. Not At All. The swallow is quite smooth and has the potential to give one the sense of sitting on a tropical beach. *Sun and sand not included. The after taste seems to be swinging between two flavors. Though I’m getting both pineapple and citrus, it almost appears  as if they are taking turns going back and forth. Quite interesting if you ask me. I’d like to know your thoughts on this so please leave a comment and let me know your perspective.

The mouthfeel on Hop Drop really shows the true potential of flaked oats when used properly. Rohrbach was not lying when using the term ‘pillowy.’ Though I’m not sure I would have thought of that term myself. It’s not necessarily a creamy texture but almost silk like. There is a nice residue left behind that enhances the citrus after taste, a pleasing characteristic to possess in a beer if you ask me.

Closing Thoughts

Hop Drop is a delicious and more unique New England Style IPA. In my past experiences a majority of New England IPA’s are juice bombs and so hazy God would not be able to shed his light through them. That is not Hop Drop, but not to a fault. I think the light straw haze is perfect as well as the more tropical and pineapple nature of the beer. I didn’t feel as if I was attacked by a hop bomb with multiple flavors that were beyond recognition. In fact Hop Drop is the complete opposite, it was quite easy to differentiate the flavors and understand the impact of each hop. Yes I did say Hop Drop was complicated but easily deciphered if one took the time. (I’m not trying to contradict myself despite what you may think.) Hop Drop definitely landed on my list of favorite New Style IPAs, maybe even a close second to Flying Bison Juice Caboose.

If you see Hop Drop on the shelf, do yourself a favor give it a try. I’m highly optimistic  you won’t be disappointed. Maybe even drop a comment, I’d love to hear what you think!

As always thanks for reading. And thank you for holding an interest in independent craft brewing, the slightest support helps!


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  1. *sun and sand not included. Hahaha. Nice one dude. Thanks for that.

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