Brewview#72: Just Saying Vol.2 Swear Jar by Hamburg Brewing Company

Hamburg Brewing Company has done it again! With Vol.2 of their Just Saying rotating IPA series recently being released this past Friday, Hamburg is prepared to blow Buffalo away with Swear Jar. I’ve already tapped into my supply and have been very pleased with the results. To be brief Swear Jar is a f%$^ing good beer!

If you look on Hamburg’s website you will find it’s not difficult to garner what has been packed into a can of Swear Jar. On the release page you will find some colorful insight of what is to come when cracking open a can of Swear Jar.

Hamburg states:

‘Do you have a particularly foul mouth? We have something that might help…A Swear Jar is a way to discourage people from cussing but when you’re having one of those days where everything that can go wrong, does, no one could blame you for letting an occasional profanity drop. In this case, you’ll find a real f***ing tasty treat inside. It might not stop you from swearing, but you’ll have a lot more fun while doing it! (And if you’re wondering, we dropped a dollar in our own Swear Jar for the Volume One name…)

While Just Saying…Volume 2 looks similar to Volume One, it has a completely different taste as it was created with Ekuanot and Azacca hops.

STILL juicy; STILL delicious. Fresh-squeezed fun for your mouth.’

This beer is definitely worth your time. I hope you enjoy!

The Beer: Just Saying Vol.2 Swear Jar American IPA by Hamburg Brewing Company

ABV: 7.5% IBU: N/A

Hops: Ekuanot


Crack It Open

Phew! Just from opening the can I was hit with a burst of aromas. I’m guessing a majority of the aromas come from the Azacca hops, though once I poured Swear Jar into a pint glass I started to notice some Ekuanot hops. The aromas from the can were amazing, pineapple with a nice citrusy tropical side accented with a slight grassy aroma. Once in my glass I began to notice a nice fruity aroma that included some apple and citrus. Though there still remains a slight pineapple over tone.

Appearance wise Vol.2 is a bit different from Vol.1. Where Vol.1 had a more NEIPA haze to it, I’m finding Vol.2 possesses a more American IPA appearance with quite a bit of haze. A pale straw color with a thick haze once you get past the periphery of the glass. Very attractive and mouth watering, so much that I’m not sure how I haven’t starting drinking yet.

F&^%ing Do It!

Shit son! Swear Jar is a a very intense deep beer with an amazing transforming nature. In the very beginning of the sip I got a pleasant combination of apple, citrus and pineapple. Though this quickly dissipates, the pineapple seems to carry through to a mango and citrus duo with a mild in strength dank accent. A bit different from Vol.1 with the piney dank characteristic, Vol.2 takes more of a back seat though still providing a provocative dank tone. Walking alongside these flavors mid sip is a soft bitterness, providing an intriguing bite to Swear Jar. Though enjoy it while it lasts folks, this soft bitterness is quick to disappear as our journey continues on to the back end of each sip. At this point there is still a noticeable amount of danky pine with accompanying notes of mango and orange. To be critical the orange flavor is stronger than the mango, though the headliner at this point is the danky pine. One of my favorite flavors in a beer is danky pine, though if used too much can truly be a beer’s downfall if you ask me.

I did mention a soft bitterness mid sip. Well we can forget about that. The swallow of this beer and after taste is silky smooth. Though there may be a small hop bite towards the end of each, by no means does this get in the way of the sexy silky smooth mouthfeel left behind. If you take the time to get the full impact of Swear Jar you may notice this mouthfeel begins towards the end of the mid-sip transition. It quickly appears before the hop bite and just as quickly takes over at the end.  Though there is a noteworthy danky pine and citrus residue the overall nature of the aftertaste possess a creamy nature.

Final Thoughts

F&*^ DUDE! Hamburg knocked my socks off with Vol.2! Swear Jar is a delicious American IPA. Though it may be a complex beer, by no means does this make it difficult to fully enjoy. Even if drank at a fast pace Swear Jar is easily enjoyable, by no means would one be wrong doing this. But one should also savor the moment and enjoy Swear Jar at a slow pace. By doing this one will be able to enjoy Swear Jar to its full potential and fully understand its transforming nature. I loved every bit of this beer and find it difficult not cracking open another.

Great job Hamburg Brewing Company!


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