Brewview#73: Citraburner by Big Ditch Brewing Company

Besides the fresh cans of Dart,

I was also able to pick up Citraburner from Big Ditch the other day. I am very pleased to be able to writing about Citraburner as it is a refreshing and delicious beer. Will it be better than Big Ditch’s flagship IPA Hayburner? I wouldn’t count on it, but that still doesn’t remove the possibility completely. Let’s share a pint and we shall find out!

The Beer: Citraburner American IPA by Big Ditch Brewing Company

ABV: 6.8% IBU:41

Hops: Warrior





Malts: 2-Row



Brewer’s Notes

‘Citraburner is our flagship IPA with a barge full of Citra hops. Similar to Hayburner in light malt flavor and crisp drinkable body, this beer packs a big mandarin orange punch with hints of passion fruit and pineapple.’

Found on the release page from sometime ago, I’m very excited to see what Citraburner has in store for us! I know Big Ditch will not fail to satisfy.

First Thoughts

Citraburner cracks the can with delicious and mouthwatering aromas of pineapple, mango, and citrus. Once in the glass the citrus aromas truly take over with the soft addition of mango. It seems at times there is a bite from the pineapple but it doesn’t seem too prevalent once in the glass.

Appearance wise, Citraburner is quite similar to Hayburner with slight changes that could go easily unnoticed. There is the original Hayburner light amber color but with a bit more of a golden accent. Though the haze seems to make the light amber the color of focus. The Carapils malts really give Citraburner a nice creamy head that’s busting with energy, though it doesn’t stick around for too long there is a nice creamy covering left behind.

Taste the Burn

Right off the bat I’m hit the the ‘barge full of Citra hops.’ Not in an over powering manner, but there is no getting around it. The mandarin orange ‘punch’ that Big Ditch spoke of picks up in the beginning of the sip. There is a ton of citrus flavor with a nice orange bite to it, though I wouldn’t mistake it as bitterness. Just a strong orange over tone. The mid sip provides a nice transition from the citrus flavor to a nice smooth mango back end of the sip. If I’m not mistaken I think I may be noticing some pineapple flavor within this transition. Coming off the transition to the back end of the sip there is a smooth mango conclusion. With the Carapils malts providing a silky smooth mouth feel afterwards.


I’m not really sensing much of any bitterness. There is a pineapple feel to the swallow of Citraburner but by no means would I say this qualifies as bitterness. And even so it’s very transient with the quick appearance of a pillowy soft after taste mouthfeel. Speaking of after taste, pristine! A delicious mango presence that pairs well with the pillow soft mouthfeel. I don’t know how Big Ditch does it, but they do it very well!


Well Big Ditch has done it again! They took a perfect IPA and put a nice twist on it and voila–Citraburner! Do I think it’s better than Hayburner? Nope. But I still think it’s a solid beer that deserves recognition of its own. For those that would like to enjoy an IPA without the hop bitterness, Citraburner’s for you. The creamy mouth feel that accompanies the after taste is a nice change of pace from Hayburner. Though don’t take this for granted, Citraburner hides its 6.8% ABV well; consider yourself warned!

Big Ditch, I like what you did. Citraburner is an easy drinking beer considering its ABV and has excellent flavor combinations. I’m hoping my our paths will cross again sometime soon Citrabuner!


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3 thoughts on “Brewview#73: Citraburner by Big Ditch Brewing Company

  1. I was curious when I saw this release and your review has made it official- I’ll be trying this as soon as I can get my hands on it! I hope to enjoy it before the summer is over especially with your mention of pineapple and mango. Big Ditch never disappoints. Cheers!

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  2. I want to try cheers

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