Brewview#74: Cran Apple Gose by Rohrbach Brewing Company

After about a month since I’ve written anything I am very happy and eager to be back at it again. Time is flying and life is unpredictable, so my apologies for the time lapse since my last Brewview.

Today I have Rohrbach’s Cran Apple Gose, thanks to my friend Peter who helped me get my hands on a pint. Though I’m sure I’ll be seeing it on store shelves soon if it’s not already available. I’ve known about Cran Apple Gose for sometime now so my anticipation has been building and like I said earlier I have been very eager to get back at it. I have no doubt in my mind that Cran Apple Gose will be the right beer to get my gears turning once again!

Let’s Drink!

The Beer: Cran Apple Gose Sour Wheat Ale by Rohrbach’s Brewing Company

ABV: 4.6% IBU: 11

I am currently unaware of any hops or malts that are used in the brewing process but Rohrbach’s does give us some insight on what is to be expected when cracking open a can.

‘Pronounced Goes-Uh, this light, tart, and slightly salty German wheat beer was brewed with sea salt and corriander and then conditioned on apple and cranberry puree for an Autumnal twist on a classic style.’

Crack It Open

Cran Apple Gose has a very intriguing pour. There is nothing about it individually that jumps out and whacks you in the face. But the beer as a whole carries some girth. The appearance touches on each aspect of the beer. The wheat style is shown by the haze Cran Apple Gose carries. The color brings forth the apples and cranberries used. It has a golden color with a slight cranberry accent that produces a very slight red hue.

The aromas are very similar to the appearances in that they embrace every part of the beer and what was used in the brewing process. Though the cranberries only produced a slight accent color wise. In the realm of aroma, the cranberries wear the crown, but they don’t walk alone. To mellow out the slight sour touch of the cranberry aroma is a nice complimenting apple aroma. Sitting in the background is a nice wheat aroma. Though these aromas vary in strength they work together very well to bring about a pleasant combination that gives Cran Apple Gose a mouth watering first impression.

Down the Hatch

Cran Apple Gose is a very refreshing and easy drinking beer. I would have no trouble slaying a four pack of pints. Why is that though?


Right in the beginning of the sip there is a salty, sour apple bite. I’m noticing that the salt flavor is coating my mouth and then lingers in the background the entire sip. The sour apple aspect steps back towards the middle of the sip and allows the cranberries to make their appearance. But the apples don’t disappear entirely, they co-exist with the cranberries to create a perfect flavor combination. Towards the end of the sip I’m noticing a salty bite that then transitions into a wheat after taste. But still lingering in the background is a salty mouthfeel. The salty mouthfeel and wheat after taste to some may seem like an odd combination when in my eyes it is perfect. It will leave you wanting more, with a low ABV of 4.6% that may not be a bad thing.

Concluding Thoughts

Rohrbach’s has brewed a delicious Autumn beer for this season! Cran Apple Gose is refreshing as it is drinkable. Some Goses have left me with a feeling of unquenchable thirst, when in reality Cran Apple is the complete opposite. The aroma combination as well as the union of flavors make Cran Apple very appealing for this upcoming Autumn season. The perfect synthesis of a sour wheat ale is an act of genius and I must say I’m not surprised it came from Rohrbach’s. I’m hoping it’ll be on tap in two week when Kim and I venture out for our anniversary.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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