Brewview#77: Hop Drop 3.0: Tropi-Kitty by Rohrbach Brewing Company

I heard about Tropi-Kitty some time ago and since then I’ve been highly anticipating the release of it and a chance to get my hands on it. Well that time has come and I am very grateful to my friend Peter for helping me complete this recent endeavor. Now if you know me, Rohrbach’s original Space Kitty is my favorite DIPA with a perfect West Coast Style and therefore I’m very intrigued to see this new rendition of it. A majority of time I sit by the notion of, ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it.’ But Rohrbach’s did very well with the change up of their original Scotch Ale with the release of their Neapolitan Scotch Ale. So I find myself in favor of this new addition to the Hop Drop Series.

I can’t wait any longer so let’s get this moving, shall we?

The Beer: Hop Drop 3.0: Tropi-Kitty by Rorhbach Brewing Company

ABV:7.3% IBU:96

Style: Double IPA

Brewer’s Thoughts

Like most craft breweries, Rohrbach’s provides a nice introduction of what a can of Tropi-Kitty holds as you crack it open.

‘This fresh release is a tropical spin on our classic Space Kitty Double India Pale Ale. With a healthy dose of pineapple added right to the brew, Tropi-kitty
Double IPA has aromas of warm pineapple and papaya.
Flavors of sweet pineapple dance balance the bitterness of dank resinuous hops in this medium-bodied IPA.’

Crack The Can

Tropi-Kitty is a very attractive beer. The pour produced an intriguing crystal clear, light amber color topped off with a nice IPA head. Once the beer hit my glass I instantaneously picked up on some very warm fruity aromas. They don’t necessarily fill the air, but they make their presence known from a good distance. The aromas are packed with a strong and warm papaya presence accented by a slight touch of pineapple. I see where they got the ‘Tropi’ part of its name. I’m curious to see how it holds up flavor wise in comparison to Space Kitty. If the flavor is half of what the aromas are I would say mission accomplished. From what I’ve seen from Rohrbach’s they don’t accept anything but 100% so I’m sure we’re in for a good time.

Down The Hatch

Wow! That’s frickin’ good!

The first second Trop-Kitty hit my lips I was pleasantly overwhelmed with a strong warm papaya flavor. An amazing way to start a sip. Shortly after that a nice pineapple bite began to engulf my taste buds as the papaya took a step back. The combination of these two creates a perfect tropical feeling, while still possessing a slight Space Kitty presence. Mid sip there is a a slight change in flavors though. The papaya continues  to mellow out but also tames the bite of the shifting pineapple flavor as it takes the primary role. It almost keeps the pineapple in check, not allowing it to get out of the hand. I guess you could also say it softens the West Coast bitterness that resides from the original Space Kitty.

So I’ve come to a halt at the back end of the sip and aftertaste of Tropi-Kitty. I’m not sure how to describe it honestly. Both possess West Coast characteristics though there are conflicting factors with the pineapple flavor. Or maybe the two of them, both having a strong presence, combine to create the perfect bitterness factor for Tropi-Kitty? I’m not sure, though I must say I do love it, very intriguing. The papaya flavor still remains in the background providing a strong mellowing presence….After giving it some thought, I feel as if the papaya is the perfect touch to the end of the sip and aftertaste. It provides a soft touch that lowers the West Coast feel of Trop-Kitty and combines with the pineapple to such a level as if to say, ‘I still want to be West Coast but with a warm, relaxing vibe.’ There is no way anyone could drink Trop-Kitty and not feel an instance sense of relaxation. The slight West Coast bitterness keeps you going while the mellowing papaya flavor relaxes you just enough.

Hmmm….I think I’m enjoying this too much.

Concluding Thoughts

There are those that dislike beers with fruit flavors or those made with fruit. And there are those who can’t stand the strong bitterness provided by West Coast IPA’s. Well have no fear, Tropi-Kitty may very well be the beer you are looking for. With the perfect fruit additions this ‘tropical spin’ of Space Kitty is a softer and more mellow version of its original West Coast DIPA. Though there is a slight presence of a West Coast feel to Tropi-Kitty, the pineapple and more so the papaya mellow it out in the best way possible. Am I surprised? Absolutely not! And why would I be Rohrbach’s has yet to brew a beer that would lead me to disappointment. Honestly, whether you enjoy IPA’s that are bitter or a more softer IPA Tropi-Kitty is worth a try. Do yourself a favor and seek it out!


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1 thought on “Brewview#77: Hop Drop 3.0: Tropi-Kitty by Rohrbach Brewing Company

  1. i just had a little sampler but to me as well, the papaya definitely stood out for the whole sip & aftertaste. subtle pineapple & even more subtle dank. cool combos.
    i also like the style of the photo for this post, just “the can.” cool look!


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