Brewview#78: Double Thundersnow IPA by Flying Bison Brewing Company

Does anybody else find it ironic that shortly after Flying Bison releases their new Double Thundersnow IPA Buffalo is hit with its first note worthy snowfall of the year? If I’m not mistaken, Buffalo got hit with a big snow storm after the release of the original Thundersnow IPA. Either way both of them are great beers and I am very excited to add Double Thudersnow IPA to the list of ‘Brewviews.’

After work on Saturday I made my way over to Flying Bison and enjoyed a few pints and some amazing live music. Unfortunately, I did have to work the next day so it was an early night, though I did make sure to bring some Double Thundersnow IPA home with me. Two 6-packs to be exact! And I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit in preparation for this moment.

Let’s not waste any more time!

The Beer: Double Thundersnow IPA by Flying Bison Brewing Company

Style: DIPA

ABV: 8.3% IBUs: 77

Malts: Pilsner

Winter Wheat

Pale Malt

Flaked Barley

Hops: Denali



Brewer’s Thought

Under the beer section of Flying Bison’s website ( they leave a nice description of the thoughts behind brewing Double Thundersnow.

‘Double Thundersnow is a stronger recipe of our unfiltered Thunderstorm IPA. We chose Denali and Glacier hops to evoke thoughts of snowy winter as well as the lush tropical aromas and flavors of pineapple, lychee, and mango… Like a tropical storm colliding with the Northern winter.’

From the few that I have already consumed and thoroughly enjoyed this is spot on!

It’s Snow Time

Though this beer was released during Buffalo’s cold season and named Double Thundersnow it has some very warming characteristics. Right after cracking open the bottle and releasing Double Thundersnow into my glass I got some tropical aromas. Even from far away these aromas were hitting me pretty hard, not that I’m complaining. The strongest and most obvious aroma was mango. Next in line, though not as strong, and very pleasant is a nice pineapple aroma. It seems to soften things up and mellow out the mango aroma. The two them put together create a nice tropical aroma storm.

Appearance wise Double Thundersnow is a very attractive IPA. You can really see the Flaked Barely and the Winter Wheat providing a smooth IPA head with some excellent retention as well. Below that is a light amber color with a slight haze to it, giving an unfiltered appearance to Double Thundersnow,

Snowed In

Double Thundersnow is packed with flavor.

Very early on I am getting a combination of a mango/citrus bite accompanied and strengthened by some pineapple flavor as well. The mango remains as an overseer, acting as the eye in the sky, throughout each sip’s entirety. After the initial citrus/mango bite there isn’t much of a citrus presence presence anymore. Here is where the pineapple shows its true strength. Not in a way as to overcompensate but in a way that works really well with the mango that remains floating in the air. Mid sip for me seems to be quite complex. Which I am really enjoying. The complexity that I am speaking of is this sudden pine flavor that seems to almost take over. Though the pineapple flavor seems to combine efforts with the mango to keep the pine at a reasonable level. All three flavors work very well together to keep the other in check. Though it may seem like the pine is somewhat stronger, it doesn’t seem to possess an offensive nature. Almost passive aggressive if you ask me.

The transition between the end of the sip and aftertaste is very intriguing as well. At the end of each sip there is a soft warm mango feeling with soft notes of pineapple lingering in the background. At one point you’ll think this is it, the end of Double Thundersnow. Do not be mistaken though, there is more to come. Though the warm feeling remains, something new arises. Accenting the warm mouthfeel left behind are small bursts of pine that really connect with the strengthening pineapple. It is at this point though that the pineapple establishes it point of dominance over the mango. Though it is a nice finishing touch, the pine plays a very minor role here. The pineapple steals the main role in the aftertaste for Double Thundersnow.

Accompanying the pineapple aftertaste is a very warm and soft mouthfeel. Again the presence of the Flaked Barely and Winter Wheat is not at all difficult to pick up on. My entire mouth is covered by a pleasant creamy and slightly resinous coating. Nice combination of malt and hops! I am loving every second of it. Really makes Double Thundersnow a beer you want to sit back, relax and enjoy to its full capacity.

Closing Thoughts

Double Thundersnow does evoke thoughts of some major Buffalo snow storms but once you crack it open your mind will travel else where. Holding a name that is true to this upcoming Buffalo winter but tasting like the summer we are forced to leave behind. Double Thundersnow is a beer you would want to fill your fridge with if you are ever at risk of being snowed in.  The flavors and their warming characteristics will keep you warm regardless of where your thermostat is. Between the excellent choice of malts and hops, each aspect of Double Thundersnow shows the strength behind Flying Bison! Which is why they are one of my favorite breweries might I add.

Be sure to keep an eye out at any beer store or even better stop by the brewery itself and pick up a 6-pack soon. Thanks for reading and thanks for the support!


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1 thought on “Brewview#78: Double Thundersnow IPA by Flying Bison Brewing Company

  1. the thundersnow brought on the snow !!
    suprisingly, the tropical vibes paired nice in a “winter” beer!!!


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