Brewview#80: Chocolate Cream by Big Ditch Brewing Company

Big Ditch just recently released their new Winter seasonal, Chocolate Cream Porter, both on tap and in cans. Since I heard the news I kept an eye out and was successful on picking up a six pack. Once the six pack hit my fridge it wasn’t too long before I started cracking some open, but have no fear I was sure to leave enough for this ‘Brewview.’

The Beer: Chocolate Cream Porter by Big Ditch Brewing Company

ABV: 7.0% IBU: 15

Style: Porter

Brewer’s Thoughts

Big Ditch is always nice enough to place some sort of description on the sides of their beers can. The description for Chocolate Cream Porter is short and sweet:

‘This Porter, brewed with dutch cocoa powder, milk sugar, and finished with vanilla, is a luxurious chocolate dessert in a glass.’

I can say from the few I had the other day while watching the Bills game, the description is spot on.

First Impression

The pour of Chocolate Cream Porter is very intriguing, almost mystifying. The name as well as the description of the beer gave me the impression the beer would possess a more chocolate appearance, almost like a dark hot chocolate. Well I was wrong, Chocolate Cream Porter holds a pitch black color, almost giving it a more luxurious appearance. The only thing that held a chocolate appearance was the head, very rich and creamy with a chocolate tint to it. Once that dissipated, left behind was a nice creamy residue on the glass and a soft coating on top the beer.

There is no surprise when it comes to the aroma of Chocolate Cream Porter. The dutch cocoa powder and Chocolate Malt really provide a thick chocolate aroma. There is some sweetness to it as well, a nice touch from what I’m sure was the vanilla.

The appearance and aromas both give Chocolate Cream Porter a mouth watering first impression.

chocolate cream porter

Time to Indulge

I’m just going to say this now, Chocolate Cream Porter is the perfect dessert beer. I have yet to find my favorite breakfast beer, but now I am able to check dessert beer off the list. It tastes like a chocolate pudding cup with some beer characteristics thrown into it.

Right in the beginning of the sip I am hit with a nice sweet mouthfeel that fully encompasses my entire mouth. Enjoy that while you can because things pick up pretty quickly after that. Immediately after that the strong thick chocolate flavors start to pick up. I never completely lose the sweet mouthfeel but there is a change to it as things progress. Once the chocolate flavors starts to kick in there is a thicker creamier mouthfeel consistency that seems to maintain itself all the way through to the aftertaste. What I like most is around the mid sip or just past it there is a nice kick of booziness to the flavor. There isn’t much done to hide the 7% ABV of Chocolate Cream Porter. Which if you ask me, I think is a perfect quality for a winter seasonal beer. After the mid sip into the swallow there is a slight change in flavors or more so different qualities to make note of. More towards the swallow I am noticing a nice roasted quality to the chocolate flavor as well as an accompanying coffee flavor. The two flavors don’t really battle it out, they more so join sides and produce a perfect chocolate and coffee flavor combination.

The aftertaste possesses some unique qualities to it. Right after the swallow the sweetness tends to dissipate and I’m getting more of a bitter coffee and chocolate flavor. But that doesn’t last long because shortly after that I’m noticing as time goes on the bitterness really drops off and the sweet chocolate flavor is back. And that really carries itself a long way. I’m noticing this aftertaste really lingers and has some strong boozy notes to it, gives it a nice bite. There is a medium to full mouthfeel that coincides with the aftertaste. That really lingers and makes you crave more. Such a delicious beer!

Concluding Thoughts

Chocolate Cream Porter is the perfect dessert beer. It’s not one that should be taken lightly though. The 7.0% ABV does provide a nice bite and the overall flavors are very thick and full. What I like most is the unique aftertaste and how it changes from bitter to sweet, I can’t say I’ve seen that too much and I find myself really enjoying it. You can either save Chocolate Cream Porter as a dessert beer but it could also be the beer that keeps you warm watching the snow fall at a fire side. However you decide to indulge in a Chocolate Cream Porter I am without a doubt sure that you will enjoy it immensely and find it near impossible to end with just one!

Thanks for reading.


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