Brewview#85: Wicked TRIPA by 12 Gates Brewing Company

This one is going to be a heavy hitter. A Triple IPA(TIPA) coming from 12 Gates Brewing Company, Wicked TRIPA. I indulged in one last night and was very pleased with it and have been anticipating writing this all throughout my work day.

Glad to be home and glad to be writing!

The Beer: Wicked TRIPA by 12 Gates Brewing Company

Style: Triple IPA

ABV: 12% IBU N/A

Hops: Meridian

Mandarina Bavaria


Brewer’s Thoughts

On 12 Gates’ website they have a nice write up to prepare us for what awaits us inside each can.

‘By combining a huge malt bill, Voss yeast, and Mosaic, Meridian, and Mandarina Bavaria hops we bring you Wicked TRIPA. You’ll find sweet candied oranges on the nose, plenty of citrus, and a wickedly smooth finish.’

On the side of each can is a shorter but a more in your face summary!

‘This Wicked TRIPA ain’t no garbage beer, like the football and hockey teams we hate to the east of us. It’s wicked awesome!!’

Let Out The Wicked

Once I cracked this can open the candied oranges that 12 Gates spoke of were bursting out, even stronger once my glass was filled. There is a very sweet characteristic to the aromas, complimenting the citrus overtones very well. Slightly noticeable was a tropical fruit aroma floating around in the background. As easy as it was to pick up on, the citrus is very strong and at times blocks it out. You really need to get a good sniff in if you want to enjoy the tropical aromas.

The color is interesting, a light amber with an orange hue to it. One thing is for sure, there is a wicked amount of energy packed into these cans. Consumer beware! To top it all off is a slight creamy head, floating on the top waiting to be enjoyed.

wicked tripa

The Wicked Consumes

Wow! Wicked TRIPA is bursting with citrus flavors right from the beginning and then carries through to the end. There isn’t much hiding the 12% ABV of this TIPA, you know what you’re getting yourself into right off the bat. Most of the flavor is citrus with a mango accent that will jump out at different times. Though there is some pine in the mid sip that pops its head up and then disappears till the aftertaste. Wicked TRIPA is pleasantly citrus. Despite the pine, the mango combines with the citrus and gives Wicked TRIPA a pleasant tropical feel, providing a nice warm mouthfeel to it. Reminding one of paradise, free from this Buffalo winter weather. Though it’s not terribly cold at the moment.

Besides the warm feeling Wicked TRIPA possesses, the mouthfeel is oddly medium for a TIPA. Though there is some citrusy/hoppy resiny feeling left behind, it’s very minor. It may take over your night but it’s not going to ruin your taste buds for the next beer.

The finish itself is very smooth, or as 12 Gates puts it ‘wickedly smooth.’ Eventually you are left with a nice pine and citrus aftertaste that does linger but with time simmers. I guess you could compare Wicked TRIPA to a blazing fire that leaves behind hot coals to slowly simmer as the night lingers on.

The Dust Settles

Altogether Wicked TRIPA is a delicious and refreshing TIPA in light of the 12%ABV. Yes it does boast its strength flavor wise to some extent, it’s just enough. If it wasn’t 12%, Wicked TRIPA would be a beer that I could drink all day and through out the night. With that being said I do not mind it being 12%, makes a very good sipping beer that will warm you up till the very last drop. I guess what amazes me most is the strong citrus flavor combined with the smooth finish. There isn’t a strong hoppy bitterness and the aftertaste is absolutely perfect. 12 Gates did a great job with Wicked TRIPA, my only regret is I have to stop after one and switch in hopes of keeping my wits about me.

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5 thoughts on “Brewview#85: Wicked TRIPA by 12 Gates Brewing Company

  1. Not a huge IPA fan, but I would be willing to try this one due to the mango and orange scents and tastes. Sounds good!

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  2. i’ve never had / even heard of a TIPA until this…!


    1. heavy hitter is right i’m sure .. gotta try this.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “the hockey & football teams we hate to the east of us” 🤣🤣


  4. Love the comparison to a blazing fire- the imagery has me sold. That and the warm citrusy feeling. I hope Wegmans carries these as I’m on my way now!

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