Brewview#87: Just Saying Vol.3: We Do It Nice ‘Cause We Do It Twice by Hamburg Brewing Company

I am really excited to be writing this one up because I have been looking forward to Vol.3 of Hamburg’s Just Saying Series for quite some time now. The first second I saw it’s release posted on Twitter I knew I would be making a stop after work that day. I’ve already enjoyed a can or two and to no surprise I was very pleased with what Vol.3 had to offer!

Let’s get down to it!

The Beer: Just Saying Vol.3: We Do it Nice ‘Cause We Do It Twice by Hamburg Brewing Company

Style: Double Dry Hopped Double India Pale Ale

ABV: 7.5%

Hops: Mosaic



Brewer’s Thoughts

Found on their website under the Just Saying section is a nice introduction to the inspiration behind Vol.3.

Just Saying Vol 3

‘We all only have 24 hours in a day. Your time is important. You want to squeeze every drop of productivity out of every hour you have. And in true fashion, when everything that can go wrong does and you’re swearing up a storm, without fail you make a mistake and have to do that task allll over again. But second times a charm, right? We do it nice ’cause we do it twice!’

Crack It Open

Vol.3 possess a very attractive and refreshing pour, a very hazy pale straw color with a nice tropical hue to it. Almost reminds me of what I think a tropical fruit juice would look like. But if you ask me Vol.3 looks better. Ya know, just saying…

If I had to sum it up in three words, thick and juicy!

The aromas do well at touching on all three of the hops used and come together in a perfect combination. The Cascade hops provide a nice grapefruit feel to the aromas, leaving a nice citrus bite in the background. While the Simco and Mosaic hops bind forces to create a nice tropical pine aroma. The three of these combining forces creates a perfect tropical beginning to each sip. Just be sure to appreciate that before each sip, it make the entire process more enjoyable.

just saying vol.3 pour

Let’s Drink

One of the things I’m really enjoying about the Just Saying series are the beers themselves and how they fall into relation with one another. Though they may be similar in many ways, each beer of the series possess its own unique traits. I honestly think it wouldn’t be difficult to pick out each one from a blank can. Stellar brewing at Hamburg Brewing Company!

So what does Vol.3 have in store for us?

In the beginning of each sip I am picking up on this pineapple and grapefruit combination that gives Vol.3 a juicy and delicious start. As the sip continues on there is a slow dissipation of the pineapple and growth in the presence of the grapefruit. Following alongside the rise in grapefruit is a soft tropical mouthfeel that will be maintained for the remainder of the sip. At mid sip there is a soft introduction of pine, but this won’t come to fruition until we move more towards the swallow and aftertaste. From mid sip till the swallow the grapefruit carries on with that slight pine flavor. But once you start to swallow, this is where the pine make’s it big entrance and it takes over for a majority of the flavor. Shortly after though, the aftertaste changes things up a bit. Though the pine is still very strong, there is a nice citrus/resiny presence that really shows the strength of the double dry hop. The resiny feeling does hit the mouthfeel a bit, but not in an exaggerated amount. The overall mouthfeel is still smooth and refreshing but with hints of the previously mentioned citrus resin.  It provides Vol.3 with that much more of a tropical feeling.

One last thing, I wasn’t quite sure of this in the beginning but now that I am more towards the end of my pint I am wholeheartedly convinced. Don’t be surprised if you notice some berry flavor floating around every now and then. It was hard to pin point because it is sporadic, but once you notice it Vol.3 just got that much better! A nice touch of the Mosaic hops!

Concluding Thoughts

Just Saying Vol.3: We Do It Nice ‘Cause We Do It Twice has earned its spot in the series if you ask me. Like I said before each of the beers in the series have some similarities but still possess their own unique traits. One of the more unique traits of Vol.3 is the berry flavor that pops in and out throughout the entire sip. In my opinion it just makes things more pleasant. Overall though Vol.3 is very juicy, very delicious, and very refreshing! One the more impressive things about Vol.3 in my opinion is the use of Mosaic hops. I’ve had some beers with Mosaic hops that are very sensitive and require a clean and pure palate. Not Vol.3, it holds its own and packs the same tropical and juicy punch every time. I think it’s very easy to tell how pleased I am with Vol.3 and the entire series truth be told!



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  1. Loving me some juicy doubles lately! I’m excited to try!

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