Flagship 1.0 Buffalo Brewing Company

I’ve been thinking lately about all the amazing breweries in Buffalo and how often we hear of new releases hitting the market. But how often do we take notice of the heart of these breweries and appreciate the flagship beers of Buffalo? For me personally, it wasn’t until a a few weeks ago that I redirected my focus and decided to look more towards the origins of my favorite breweries. With that being said I’ve come to the deicision to let that reflect in 716Brewviews and here we are with Flagship 1.0.

Though I would’ve like to have started this sooner, life decided to get busy and get in the way of my plans. My hopes and aspirations are to do two for each brewery and then see where it goes. Though if a new release comes up in the mean time I’ll be sure not ignore it. But alas, here is Flagship 1.0 Buffalo Brewing Company’s 1910 Czech Pilsner!

The Beer: 1910 Czech Pilsner by Buffalo Brewing Company

Style: Pilsner

ABV: 5.5% IBU: 33

Malts: Pilsner



Hops: German Magnum

Czech Saaz

Fun Facts

On the side of the can are some fun things to know about 1910 Czech Pilsner!

‘1910 commemorates the year that the original New York location of Buffalo Brewing Company opened at 1571 Clinton Street.’

‘Light gold in color with a moderate malt body. Spicy, floral bitterness achieved through generous amounts of Czech Saaz hops.’

First Impressions

Just from cracking open the can I was hit with thick malty aromas. Just from giving 1910 a good sniff I could tell this beer possesses some malt strength. But that’s not all, if I’m not mistaken I am picking up on some fresh Czech Saaz aromas. Giving the malt aromas a nice floral and herbal accent with a touch a spice. Perfect opening for a Pilsner if you ask me.

1910 has a nice crystal clear golden color, allowing one to see the all the bubbles floating to the top. Giving 1910 a nice refreshing appearance. The Carapils malt gives 1910 a nice creamy head that will stick around till the last drop.

Altogether, 1910 has the perfect first impression of what a quintessential Pilsner should be!

1910 Czech Pilsner

Down the Hatch

As easy and simple as Pilsners can be to drink, and I mean that in the best way possible. 1910 is as simple as it is complex. As weird as that sounds, stick with me and I’m sure there will be no confusion by the end. Simply put 1910 gives you both the malty side and a nice hoppy side in every sip.

In the beginning of every sip I’m getting more of a malt presence. A very pleasant malty, graham cracker and honey flavor. Though after having a few sips I am noticing a nice spicy background. Almost instantaneously there is a medium to full body that helps to enhance the malt flavor. Progressing more towards mid sip there is a slightly sweeter touch to the flavor, almost as if the graham cracker and honey flavor is stepping up. Just as the malts are coming to fruition the Czech Saaz hops start to show their colors. This is more towards the back end of the sip though. I’m thinking later mid sip till the end. At this point the spicy floral flavor starts to take center stage and push the malts aside slightly.  Though there is still a strong malt body presence the spicy floral flavor sort of takes over. I will say though there is a nice creamy mouthfeel with each swallow and that lingers providing a nice coating for the spice floral flavors to attach to.

The bitterness and aftertaste are a perfect combination. The Magnum hops do present a clean bitter touch, though the Czech Saaz hops still hold the spot light. The spicy floral bitterness that we are told of on the side of the can is spot on. It pairs perfectly with the creamy mouthfeel that gives 1910 the perfect refreshing flavor but leaves you craving for more. Purposeful? Who knows? Regardless it’s a beer I could drink all night!

Concluding Thoughts

Like I said 1910 is as simple as it is complex. If you want a beer you can drink at a faster pace 1910 is that beer. Or if you want to take it slow and enjoy every aspect held within each sip, 1910 is also that beer. 1910 presents the perfect combination of malts and hops in what I think is a wholeheartedly refreshing Pilsner. The thick malt aspect to the spicy floral flavor, 1910 touches on every aspect on what a Pilsner is. Honestly, I could see myself drinking this beer all night. But I wouldn’t want to miss out on the other delicious beers brewed by Buffalo Brewing Company!




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  1. nothing like a good pilsner!!
    good read. still gotta get down to buffalo brewing company

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