Flagship2.0: Buffalo Brewing Company

Who needs a beer? I know I sure do after working a double starting at 0300. Not that it was a bad day, but nothing is more rewarding after a days work than a crisp, delicious beer!

Continuing on with the Flagship Series is Buffalo Brewing Company’s 1842 Vienna Lager. I’ve had it on tap a couple of times and was always left with a smile so I am very excited to write this one up.

The Beer: 1842 Vienna Lager by Buffalo Brewing Company

Style: Vienna Lager

ABV: 5.5% IBU:23

Malts: Light Munich



Caramel 60


Hops: German Magnum

Hallertau Mittlefruh

Fun Facts

On the side of each can are some nice things to know regarding 1842 Vienna Lager.

‘1842 commemorates the year the Dart grain elevator was invented & built along the Buffalo River.’

‘Refreshingly smooth and balanced, packing lots of flavor into this traditional lager style.’

Opening Thoughts

Cracking open a can of 1842 Vienna Lager will give you a crisp copperish amber colored pour with nice creamy head. Though the head dissipates there is some foam left on the top.

The aromas are exactly what you would expect when looking at the malt profile. Some thick malty, caramel, and biscuit aromas. The malts really unite together producing a nice strong aroma punch. There is some irony within though, with the caramel aroma there is a sweet touch that brightens the experience. One the flip side there is a nice touch of roasted malt as well. The two really come together and create a sort of neutral zone between the two. One doesn’t out do the other in this case. They almost seem to bind forces to strengthen the aroma impact of 1842 Vienna Lager.

1842 #1

Diving In

Though the aromas do possess a thick malt characteristic, the flavor is well balanced producing a crisp refreshing impression.

There is a lot of flavor within each sip that you don’t want to miss out on. In the beginning there is a smooth, crisp caramel flavor that seems have an everlasting till the very end. But the gears don’t stop turning there. From here it tends to move into a slightly more roasted direction. Though you will never lose that sweet caramel touch. With the roasted flavors it seems to branch off into a more biscuit and bread flavor. But in a very simple fashion. Just enough to give the caramel flavor something to walk beside. I might even be picking up on some of the Hallertau Mittlefruh hops with a touch of straw and herbal notes. This takes place more mid sip. As you move from the mid sip towards the back end there seems to be a conglomeration of the Hallertau Mittlefruh hops and malt flavors. Though this is transient it does provide a nice transition for the German Magnum hops to provide a nice clean bitter touch. But before we get to that there is what seems to be a nice roasted caramel surge. It’s there and then it’s gone.  From here we are left with a composition of both the Hallertau Mittlefruh and German Magnum hops. Though the caramel flavor still finds its way in with the soft creamy mouthfeel.The two of them work together perfectly.

I must say I am enjoying the use of the hops in the aftertaste. The Hallertau Mittlefruh seem to be providing a nice herbal, almost chamomile flavor. While the German Magnum hops provide a nice clean bitter touch. Two hops used in an optimum fashion. Is there any other way to explain it? Overall, a majority of the aftertaste are the hops, but don’t think you’ll be forgetting the malts. There is some caramel floating in the background.

1842 #2

Closing Thoughts

1842 Vienna Lager is exactly how Buffalo Brewing Company described it on their cans; ‘smooth and balanced, packing lots of flavor…’

As you empty your glass you will transition between the malts and the hops and be left with a craving for more. 1842 Vienna Lager is perfect for any occasion. Right now, mine is like I said after working a double and I couldn’t feel better. But honestly, it provides you with a perfect combination of German malts as well and hops, somehow producing perfect. Another great Buffalo brewed beer!


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