Flagship 3.0: Flying Bison Brewing Company

Changing gears in the Flagship Series to another amazing brewery, my favorite, Flying Bison Brewing Company. With that said I may just add in a third beer, I’m not sure though. I guess it’ll be an on the spot decision.

So the first beer from Flying Bison Brewing Company is their Larkin Lager. A beer that is drinkable in every situation, crisp, delicious, and a lower ABV percentage.

Let’s dive in.

The Beer: Larkin Lager by Flying Bison Brewing Company

ABV: 4.8%  IBUs:17

Malts: Caramel



Hops: Tettnang

Brewer’s Introduction

On Flying Bison’s website in their beer section are summaries of their numerous beers available. If you scroll down, rather quickly you will find the Larkin Lager description.

Our Beers

‘Light bodied golden beer in the Munich Helles Lager style. Very balanced flavor with soft malt & wheat aromas, and a crisp noble hop finish from 40 days of cold lagering. It’s a great “first beer of the day” that matches well with lighter tasting foods, milder cheeses or great all on its own.’

On the side of each bottle is some more fun information regarding Larkin Lager.

‘Larkin Lager is inspired by the handmade quality of great architecture, fine furniture, and the people who craft them. Brewed by hard working brewers with the best ingredients to bring you a delicious, smooth lager beer.’

Opening Thoughts

First drop out of the bottle it was easily seen that Larkin Lager is indeed a Lager. What I mean by that some what confusing statement is take the label off and Lager would be my first guess. There are two things that make it very obvious, it’s appearance and aromas.

Starting off with the appearance. Larkin Lager pours a crystal clear golden color with a small but creamy head to top it off. It’s been about 15 minutes and the head is still very much present. Something to make note of, which gives Larkin Lager a more refreshing appearance is the amount of bubbles seen rising to the top. I always like that about certain beers. Being able to see the energy packed into them, but also the refreshing look it presents.

Shifting to aromas. The Larkin Lager has a straight forward, no doubt this beer is a Lager, aroma. The Tettnang hops provide nice touches of a spicy floral, earthy, and herbal aromas. Altogether these aromas shout ‘German.’ If you take a good sniff like I just did, you might be able to get a clean malt aroma sitting in the background.

Down the Hatch

The Larkin Lager in my eyes has two phases of flavor. Beginning with the malt and then shifting to a Tettnang hop flavor.

With each sip as I bring my glass to my mouth I am hit with a final touch of the aromas, then my sip begins. Like I said earlier, in the beginning their is more of a clean malt flavor. The most notable characteristic at this point is the feel of the carbonation and how crisp the beer tastes. Giving Larkin Lager a strong and refreshing first impression flavor wise.

The Tettnang hops don’t kick in as quickly as one would think. Which allows one to get a nice grasp of the clean malt flavor. For me I’m noticing the hops are kicking in late mid sip, almost toward the back end of the entire sip. Possessing mostly a floral and herbal flavor though there seems to be a spicy touch later on.

There is no bitterness with the Larkin Lager, the swallow is smooth and crisp holding tightly to the floral and herbal flavors. Once you get to the aftertaste you may notice a spicy addition with the floral and herbal flavors. But also a nice light creamy coating inside your mouth. Though have no fear, Larkin Lager is light bodied, adding that to the lack of bitterness this beer is perfect for a hot Buffalo summer day.

In Conclusion

Larkin Lager gives you the best of both worlds in one beer. A clean malt beginning with a nice hop flavored ending. The flavors are very well balanced and have no problem transitioning between each other.  If you desire a perfect Lager that is well balanced in flavor and leaves you with no doubts the style of beer you just drank. Larkin Lager should be your next beer to try. Flying Bison has it on tap and distributes it year round so there is no reason to wait.


Be safe out there friends!

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