Flagship 5.0: Big Ditch Brewing Company

I’m sorry it’s been so quiet on the 716Brewview front. With this current pandemic things have been very busy and exhausting at the hospital. When I get home from work the only thing I really have a mind for is sitting in a quite room with a blank state of mind. I’ve had a few days off and I’ve let myself rest so with this being my last night off, let us drink!

The Flagship Series is changing course, setting its sights on Big Ditch Brewing Company. I’ve always had a great time when visiting this brewery and always find myself happy leaving with a handful of cans for future enjoyment. Big Ditch is known for its Lock IPA Series as well as many others beers that can easily be found at any local distributor. But if you ask me, nothing better than getting one fresh off the tap. Most likely the first beer I have ever had from Big Ditch, and I’m sure many follow in suite, was Hayburner, a delicious American IPA. Don’t be surprised if you find Hayburner at any local events or venues, this beer quickly made itself a staple of Buffalo’s beer industry.

Enough talk, let’s drink!

The Beer: Hayburner by Big Ditch Brewing Company

Style: America IPA

ABV: 7.2% IBU:84

Malts: 2-Row



Hops: Warrior




Falconer’s Flight

Fun Facts From The Brewery

On their website Big Ditch provides us with some good insight on what to expect when cracking open a can of Hayburner.


‘Hayburner is a luscious and citrusy IPA with primary notes of orange, melon and grapefruit, and a slightly earthy finish. It packs a firm bitterness but remains balanced by abundant late hop additions and a soft and airy malt base.’

Also on the side of each can is the inspiration behind Hayburner’s name.

‘Mules, known long ago as ‘Hayburners’ were the workhorses behind the operation of the Erie Canal.’

First Impressions

Hayburner is a very attractive beer and possess some unique characteristics. I haven’t seen many beers with the color that Hayburner holds. A mixture of a golden and light amber color. It has a very wholesome appearance with a unique haze to it. But I’m not sure if it’s a haze that we typically associate with IPAs, it’s not juicy, but more thick and holding some sediment.  The head that tops it off is very impressive, thick and creamy.

The aromas themselves pack some strength. Every time I crack open a can there is a strong burst of citrusy aromas. Besides the citrus there is also grapefruit and melon. The aromas are very well rounded and work well together as a team.

Just looking at Hayburner in a glass you know this beer is going to pack a punch!

Down  The Hatch

Well, there is not much that I can say that Big Ditch hasn’t already said on their website or on the side of their cans. But I’ll see what I can do.

Each sip begins with a nice citrus bite, soon after it is joined by grapefruit as well. The most noteworthy characteristic of Hayburner in my mind is the citrus bite it holds, though it is very well balanced when it comes to bitterness. As we move towards mid sip it is very easy to notice the melon flavors kicking in. At this point the citrus and grapefruit take a step back as the melon has a nice mellowing touch to the citrus bite. Once we get past mid sip the citrus and grapefruit pick back up all the way through to the end. Though we can’t forget about the earthy finish Big Ditch spoke of, as slight as it maybe it is very noticeable and a perfect touch to Hayburner.

From here we get into the bitterness and aftertaste of Hayburner. As strong as the citrus is in Hayburner, the bitterness is very well balanced. The bitterness pulls some strength from the citrus, grapefruit and melon aftertaste that will linger with you for quite some time.

The malts give Hayburner a nice balanced feel, leaving you with a soft creamy mouthfeel. Though the mouthfeel may be soft, I feel the body is more medium pulling in the strong citrus flavors for back up.

Concluding Thoughts

Every aspect of Hayburner is perfectly mapped out in the brewing process. If even a minor detail was missing, Hayburner wouldn’t be the same. I guess that what makes Hayburner such a wholesome beer and a staple of the Buffalo craft beer industry.

Be sure to pick a pint at the brewery year round or keep an eye out for a six pack at any local distributor.

Stay safe my friends. Be patient as we wait out this pandemic and soon we will be raising our glasses together once again.



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1 thought on “Flagship 5.0: Big Ditch Brewing Company

  1. Hayburner is truly a flagship beer in WNY and now beyond. Great for all seasons. One of my favs for sure!!

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