Flagship 6.0: Big Ditch Brewing Company

The second Flagship beer from Big Ditch is their Low Bridge, a drinkable and refreshing Golden Ale. I’ve had Low Bridge on many occasions at home in a multitude of settings. With the flavorful profile and extreme crush ability, Low Bridge is a beer that fulfills multiple purposes.

The Beer: Low Bridge by Big Ditch Brewing Company

Style: Golden Ale

ABV: 4.8%

Malts: 2-Row




Hops: Cluster

Northern Brewer



Fun Facts

On the side of each can Big Ditch provides enlightenment on what is held within, as well as the history behind the name Low Bridge!

‘Travelers on the Erie Canal would ride on the top of packet boats as they made their way across New York State. To maintain safe passage under the bridges the crew would yell, ‘low bridge, everybody down!’

‘This bright and hoppy Golden Ale features old world American and German hops. Low Bridge has impressive depth of flavor, yet is also extremely drinkable and will always serve you well.’

Be sure to check out Big Ditch’s website for more info!


Cracking it Open

Low Bridge pours a very attractive crystal clear golden color with a small but somewhat thicker head. The crystal clear aspect makes it very easy to see the bubbles rising to the top of the glass, provide a pleasant refreshing appearance.

The aromas of Low Bridge are very intriguing to me. The one aroma that jumps out at me was a light fruit that seems to give Low Bridge a softer feel. Another aroma that doesn’t jump out at first but is very complimenting to the fruit aroma is a soft earthy aroma. Though it doesn’t jump out as quickly as the fruity aroma, once you notice it you won’t miss it again. The two work very well together giving Low Bridge a bright and soft aroma appeal. If you take a give sniff and really stick your nose in your glass you may even be able to pick up on a slight spicy Tettnang aroma. It’s very light but an excellent addition none the less.

Under The Bridge

Once you take the first sip there are two things that are very outstanding if you ask me. First and foremost, Low Bridge is a beer you can drink all night. Secondly, the German hops are easily noticeable. But I will touch on that note soon!

Phew, this beer is delicious!

At the beginning of the sip, I’m getting an amazing clean malt flavor with a touch of Cluster hops. Almost resembling a crisp lager but with a light fruit flavor. A very nice, clean, and refreshing beginning if you ask me. Approaching mid sip is where a stronger hop presence is appreciated.  The Northern Brewer and Tettnang hops come together to create an in depth hop collaboration. There is a combination of an earthy and spicy/floral flavor. The two really come together and produce a very wholesome flavor, giving the mid sip a strong presence in the overall flavor of the beer.

After mid sip there is a softer feel for the hop flavor but this passes quickly. Once you start to swallow and go towards the aftertaste the flavors really pick up again. There is a lingering presence of Tettnang hops, leaving you with a floral and a touch of spice flavor. The spice touch is linked to the mouthfeel and creamy residue left behind. This is where I’m noticing that strong German presence. For me, this is a strong point for Low Bridge and pushes it to the top of my list. Besides that, the Crystal hops seem to provide a brighter notion  with a touch of fruit added to the aftertaste.

Honestly, now that I’ve cracked open my second can I’m noticing more of the fruity flavor throughout the entire sip. It’s a holds a very soft presence but gives Low Bridge a brighter feel and adds to the overall refreshing characteristic of Low Bridge.

For me, my favorite part of Low Bridge is the aftertaste. With the strong German hop presence but also the touch of fruitiness gives Low Bridge a unique flavor.

The mouthfeel is oddly intriguing. There is a creamy aspect to it but just enough to know Carapils malt is used but not too much. It leaves you with a feeling you need to crack open another shortly after emptying your glass. Or at least that’s what is happening to me.

Concluding Thoughts

For being an extremely drinkable beer Low Bridge holds some depth. If you were sitting next to me I could go on endlessly about how great of beer this is. From beginning to end Low Bridge holds nothing back and gives you every bang for your buck. The fruit flavor gives Low Bridge a bright refreshing flavor while the floral, earthy flavors mellow it out a bit. Either way, I would be surprised if someone told me they didn’t enjoy this beer. At times my father can be picky about his beer, I’d say even he would enjoy Low Bridge a time or two.

I’ve noticed myself bringing this beer home more often, which is a good thing, the only bad part is they don’t last long. The 4.8% ABV combines well with the amazing flavors and provides you with a beer for your next Netflix binge or late night video game session.

To sum it up, give Low Bridge a chance. It’ll be worth it, I promise!


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