Brewview#90: Buffaloha by Flying Bison Brewing Company

I’m going to take a step back from the Flagship Series for this one. Our best friend Ellyn surprised us with a six pack of Buffaloha so I thought it’d be great do a Brewview in her honor! Thanks Ellyn, this one is for you! ❤

Buffaloha is a new release from Flying Bison Brewing Company and with it I hope comes some warm weather. I don’t know about any of you Buffalo natives, but I’m tired of this bipolar weather. Can we please have some sunny and warm days? But in the mean time I’msure  Flying Bison has packed each bottle with enough summer to bridge till better weather comes!

The Beer: Buffaloha by Flying Bison Brewing Company

Style: American Wheat Beer

ABV: 5.5%

Fun Beer Facts

On the top of each bottle Flying Bison provides an idea of what is to be expected within each sip!

‘Aloha From Buffalo!

Our new crisp American Wheat Beer is finished with Passionfruit and Pineapple flavor for a tropical taste that’s refreshing like no other.

It makes every day a Luau!’

Crack Open Some Sunshine

Buffaloha pours exactly the way you would expect a Wheat Beer to pour, holding a very nice haze with a thick straw color. On the top of my glass remains a small but thick creamy head.

The aromas for Buffaloha are truly refreshing and will leave your mouth watering for more! The most obvious and pleasant is the bright passionfruit aroma. Though it is very soft and doesn’t jump out at you, it’s there for your enjoyment. Sitting in the background which is the perfect compliment to the passionfruit aroma is a wheaty/malt aroma. Putting those two together creates the perfect tropical aroma combination.

What surprises me is the lack of pineapple in the aromas. Unless I’m missing something, I’m not picking up on it. From what I’ve experienced before pineapple aromas tend to be a bit strong and not easily missed. Either way the aromas for Buffaloha are amazing.


Down the Hatch

There are three main flavors that I picked up on throughout each sip. There is pineapple and passion fruit, wheat flavor, and a nice overall warm tropical feeling.

At the beginning of each sip there is a powerful wave of sour pineapple flavor, which  I think is the best way to begin each sip. A little past the sour point the pineapple remains but is joined with a touch of passionfruit. The two of those come together very well and lead right to the mid sip. From here the wheat beer flavor starts to kick in. I’m not sure if the sour pineapple held the wheat flavor at bay in the beginning. But the mid sip wheat flavor is another step towards excellence for Buffaloha. It’s doesn’t have a thick wheaty flavor but enough to know there was some thought put into the malt for this beer.

The ending of each sip is amazingly smooth. Though there is a touch of the pineapple bite, it flows very well with the other flavors. I’m also getting a nice touch of the passionfruit and wheat flavor that flow perfectly till the end. The aftertaste I’m left with is a perfect tropical fruit combination. The best part of the aftertaste is how long it sits with you! I had a bottle yesterday and a good while after I was still tasting it. The burp is even pleasant as well. It’s like I’m burping up rays of sunshine.

Concluding Thoughts

Buffaloha is the perfect beer to sit out on your deck with under the hot sun or sipping on it while grilling. It possesses a crushable aspect but could also be considered a beer you could sip on for a bit. Either way at 5.5% you can’t go wrong. The pineapple and passionfruit combination pairs perfectly with the wheat beer flavor. The creamy mouthfeel left behind enhances the tropical flavor. I know I’m going to be keeping my eye out for this beer all summer!

Just make sure your glass is bottomless, I wouldn’t let this tropical paradise run empty too soon.


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2 thoughts on “Brewview#90: Buffaloha by Flying Bison Brewing Company

  1. I cannot wait to be burping up rays of this sunshine when it’s nice out! Def gonna try this one ASAP.

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