Brewview#91: Fluffy Puppy NEIPA by Flying Bison Brewing Company

So Flying Bison has done something new recently! Besides brewing a new beer they have also decided to put it in 16oz size cans. Introducing Flying Bison’s first beer released in 16oz cans, Fluffy Puppy NEIPA. I was lucky enough to stop over to Flying Bison on its release date and enjoy one of them on draft as well as take some home. Since then it has been very hard to save enough for a Brewview and I’ve finally found the time for it!

The Beer: Fluffy Puppy by Flying Bison Brewing Company

Stlye: NEIPA

ABV: 7.5% IBU: 40

Hops: Centennial


Dry Hopped: Citra


Cryo Mosaic

Puppy Info

On Flying Bison’s Facebook page they posted the release date but also some intriguing information that makes Fluffy Puppy ideal for adoption!

‘Massively hoppy aromas & flavors with a fluffy soft bitterness…lots of bark, not a huge bite. Featuring Centennial & Mandarina hops in the kettle: and dry-hopped with Citra, Amarillo, and Cry Mosaic.’

Cracking It Open

Fluffy Puppy has the exact pour I would expect with a NEIPA coming from Flying Bison. It doesn’t have an opaque hazy, juice bomb appearance like most in the area. Though it does have some haze to it. Instead its a brighter golden pale straw color. To top it off is a creamy head that lingers and holds its ground until the glass is empty.

The aromas are absolutely amazing, giving you a glimpse of what is to come with each sip. Right off the bat it is very easy to pick up on the citrus hops used, the citrus aroma instantly jumps out at you. Though there is a very nice overall tropical feel to the aromas. Towards the end there is a somewhat sweet mango aroma. I wouldn’t take these aromas lightly. Instead take your time, give your first sniff all you have. You’ll thank yourself for it later!

fluffy puppy glass

Down The Hatch

YES!! Finally, let’s drink!

At the beginning of each sip there is a crisp citrus bite that allows Fluffy Puppy to open with a bang. As you’re taking each sip be sure to get another whiff of those aromas, it’ll enhance your flavor experience. Shortly after the beginning of the sip, not yet at mid sip, I’m noticing the citrus bite begin to settle. Though the citrus flavor itself doesn’t completely disappear. Instead it pairs up with a sweet mango flavor that really gives the overall flavor a brighter appearance. I’m also thinking this is the first appearance of the ‘fluffy soft bitterness’ that Flying Bison spoke of. At this point I’m hitting mid sip and noticing a big shift in flavors. It’s almost as if the citrus and mango flavors seem to dissipate to a very minor presence. What really takes the stage now is an apricot flavor, along with the bitterness slightly picking up. Not with every sip but at certain times I’m also noticing a tropical flavor. Though it comes and goes at its own discretion.

Heading towards the end of the mid sip, the apricot quickly diminishes and the citrus flavor really picks up again.  Similar to the very beginning of the sip, the citrus flavor appears to stand alone. Though this is very transient. If you linger at this point it’s easy to notice an excellent combinations of flavors. The citrus, apricot, I’m thinking some mango, and then a soft tropical background, though it can be very weak at times.

The swallow is very pleasant. What you would expect with this kind of beer and the description Flying Bison gave it. There is some bitterness to it, but more so there is a strong burst of citrus that pairs very well with this bitterness. From here we get into the aftertaste. There is a lingering ‘fluffy soft bitterness’ but again the primary flavor is citrus. There are some others floating around, but I’m mostly noticing a citrus aftertaste. Every so often I’m noticing a mango flavor pop up or a lingering tropical flavor all of which give Fluffy Puppy the perfect conclusion!

Closing Thoughts

Fluffy Puppy is exactly what I expected as a NEIPA coming from Flying Bison. Not an over the top juice bomb, or even holding a juicey flavor. Instead it’s an expert show of citrus and tropical packed hops! The aromas create a perfect first impression and the aftertaste follows in suit for the conclusion. I’m not sure what else I can say, I just hope you go out and grab one on draft at the brewery or grab a four pack.


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2 thoughts on “Brewview#91: Fluffy Puppy NEIPA by Flying Bison Brewing Company

  1. Loving every detail about this one so far! Can’t wait to try it. Caught my interest as soon as I saw NEIPA and puppy in the same breath.

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    1. I think it’d be easiest to stop at the brewery for a four pack. I’m not too sure what stores will be having it.

      Liked by 1 person

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