Brewview#42: BlackBerry Kölsch by Ellicottville Brewing Company

On the way home from work the other day I decided to stop and pick up a six pack to relax with for the night. Well, that didn’t happen I went home with more than I originally intended, which happens quite often I must admit. Though it worked out for the best, I ended up with Ice Boom Bock from Brewview#41 and tonight’s Brewview Ellicottville Brewing Company’s Blackberry Kolsch.

I’ve been to the original brewery in Ellicottville and then also Ellicottville Brewing on Chautauqua and both  are very nice establishments. It’s very nice to see what started out as a small brewery growing and flourishing with success. Honestly, it’s very encouraging for the independent craft brewing industry if you ask me.

So if you look on Ellicottville Brewing Company’s website ( you will find a short summary of what is held within a bottle of Blackberry Kolsch.

‘Brewed with refreshing, mildly dry wild blackberry flavor and aroma. Light, crisp, and delicious. Natural, earthy berry sweetness.’

Before we begin I would like ensure everyone reading this knows Blackberry Kolsch is only available January through March. So if you like what you read, which I’m optimistic you will, don’t waste anytime for there is limited availability and I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Let’s begin!

The Beer: BlackBerry Kölsch by Ellicottville Brewing Company

ABV: 5.2%

Hops: Hallertau


Malts: Canadian 2 Row


Fill Up The Glass

Wow, right off the bat Blackberry Kolsch sparks my interest. I’ve never seen the combinations I’m finding in the aromas and how well they flow together. When looking at the hops I knew there would be an earthy/herbal aroma. Similar to when looking at the malts and knowing that the Pilsner malts give off a sweet, graham cracker and honey aroma. Take both of those aromas and combine them with the mild blackberry aroma and you have the Blackberry Kolsch. What I find interesting is how the graham cracker and honey aroma flows so well with the earthy/ herbal aromas as well as the blackberry aroma. They all come together as one, making it flow very smoothly. With some beers you’re fighting through layers of aromas and even then you’re still missing some. Not with Blackberry Kolsch, though there are different aspects to it,  I guess you could say there is just one aroma. Nice and simple, making it easy to enjoy.

Very nice work with the Hallertau and Mittelfru hops and bringing them together to work with the Pilsner malts. Smooth.

So besides the aromas, Blackberry Kolsch has a pleasant light amber color which is clear through and through. With it being so clear it’s not at all difficult to see the energy packed into this beer, it’s holding some good carbonation. On top sits an impressive head, maxing out at three finger widths.

Overall the presentation is very appealing and would make it stick out along side other beers.

Down The Hatch

Though the aromas are not strong in the matter of picking them up from a far distance, I find it amazing how they fill the top of my glass before each sip. Making the flavor all the more wholesome and impressive.

Overall, I am finding that the Blackberry Kolsch has what I think is a malty beginning with the hops and blackberries coming in at the end as well as lingering in the aftertaste. With every sip I am getting a dry, crisp conglomerate of Pilsners malts, Hallertau and Mittelfruh hops with a nice blackberry accent.

Though the Canadian 2-Row does provide a clean malt flavor, the Pilsner malts are more prevalent with their sweet, honey and graham cracker taste. Which then step back and provide room for the hops and blackberries. The Hallertau and Mittelfruh hops have a nice earthy herbal flavor to them which works well with the blackberries. The blackberries make a perfect appearance in the beer, they work very well with the dry, crisp flavor that Ellicottville spoke of.

What makes the Blackberry Kolsch even more enjoyable is the medium mouthfeel which transitions to creamy aftertaste. Which brings me to the bitterness of the beer, there really isn’t much to speak of at all. If anything the hops lend a hand with their elegant earthy/herbal flavor characteristics, combined with a slight blackberry accent.

Closing Thoughts

Ellicottville Brewing Company brewed a very nice and refreshing beer. The malts, hops, and blackberries work hand in hand, providing a nice dry and crisp flavor. Like I said before the availability is limited to January to March, please do not miss out on this well brewed beer.


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3 thoughts on “Brewview#42: BlackBerry Kölsch by Ellicottville Brewing Company

  1. It sounds like this is a hoppy Kolsch. I’m not a huge fan of hop-forward beers but I want to try this

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    1. The hops aren’t over strong where they take over, if anything I’d say it’s a bit more malty than hoppy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. beers with limited availability always taste better to me— you know theyre unique & won’t be around forever, so it makes it more fun to enjoy

    Liked by 1 person

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