Brewview#23: Belgian White 100 by Flying Bison Brewing Company

I am quite excited to say that I will be conducting this Brewview onsite at Flying Bison. Though I did have a bottle ready at home, I decided to make a pitstop on way home from work. Just remember I am doing this from my phone, so please be forgiving with any flaws. Otherwise, please enjoy.

The Beer: Belgian White 100 by Flying Bison Brewing Company

ABV: 3.5 IBU: 12

Hop Profile: Hallertau


Malt Profile: German Pilsner



So with this being onsite and on my phone this will be more straight the point.

I got the Belgian White 100 on draft and it looks refreshing after a long day at work. It has a minimal head, not too brag worthy. But still leaves some froth on the side of the glass.

Aromas are very minimum. For me it took some concentration to fully appreciate them. The slight aromas I was able to pick up on were a citrus and some minor earthy tones. Again they’re not too strong but enough for a slight introduction for what’s to come. The Hallertau hops bring in the earthy aromas, while the use of orange peels in the brewing process provided the citrus aromas.

Appearance wise it is very easy to guess when looking at the malt profile. A nice pale straw color with a bit of haze. When looking at the malts used, German Pilsner, Oats, and Wheat, you should always anticipate a hazy beer. Though not as much as an unfiltered beer. In the past I have seen hazier Belgian Witbiers, you could still appreciate how this beer presents itself.

Let’s move onto flavor. Though this beer was brewed using orange peels there is a lot more to it than that. Starting with the herbal and earthy flavors obviously provided by the Hallertua hops. You can also taste the corriander used, though it isn’t that prevalent. A nice spice accent to make this beer more delicious. When speaking with Colin, a brewer at Flying Bison, he mentioned the Magnum hops were used for bittering. With an IBU of 12, it’s not a real bitter beer. The bitterness is a slight after tatse, that lingers to allow for an optimized refreshing experience! This beer would be great for a hot summer day after cutting your lawn. I’d keep a small stock in my fridge. Super easy to drink and super refreshing!

To sum this beer up is very simple. Though it is a bit outside the usual brewing realm for Flying Bison, it serves a true purpose. And that’s a beer for hot summer days whether you’re doing yard work or looking to day drink with ease. I love Belgian Witbiers and this one will remain in the upper ranks for me. What made this one even better was enjoying it at Flying Bison and conversing with its amazing staff. My rating is a humble 4/5 when compared to a few other Witbiers. Still perfectly delicious and refreshing, what more can you ask for!


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2 thoughts on “Brewview#23: Belgian White 100 by Flying Bison Brewing Company

  1. I love the summery sound of this beer, especially with the first day of summer being tomorrow 🙂 I also really like the earthy component. Definitely adding it to my list of beers to try!

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    1. Hallertau hops are awesome at that!

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