Brewview#64: Beyond Neptune by Pressure Drop Brewing

I’ve got a first timer for 716Brewviews–Pressure Drop Brewing. I’ve been there once before with my wife and some friends and it’s got a very nice interior. Located in the First Ward of Buffalo, it’s one of the newer breweries in Buffalo. Though a few more have popped up since then.  Like most of the breweries downtown, Pressure Drop finds itself in a renovated building dating back to 1904. Personally, I think urban revitalization is an excellent idea, nothing like holding onto old historic buildings and fine tuning them for modern business.

So what beer are we doing from Pressure Drop Brewing? A delicious fruited sour that I’ve already had the luxury of enjoying a few pints of. Though when picking them up my original intention was writing up a Brewview, so I made sure to leave some behind to write about. I’m really excited to bring another brewery to the blog, I hope you enjoy it!

The Beer: Beyond Nepture Fruited Sour by Pressure Drop Brewing

ABV: 4.5% IBU: 8

Brewer’s Thoughts

If you take a peek at Pressure Drop’s site you can easily find a list of enticing beer they brew for your enjoyment. Not far down the list is Beyond Neptune and a short blurb about what to expect.

‘Sweet plum and apricot on the nose and upfront on the palate, which moves into a solid sour bit. Finishes incredibly crisp – another super crusher.’

Let’s Open It Up

Upon opening the can to fill my glass I was hit with the quintessential salty sour aroma, presenting a slight stinging nature. Though by no means was it over powering and disenchanting of how delicious Beyond Neptune may be. If anything it gave the beer an excellent start right out of the gates. Once pouring my beer I noticed the salty nature quickly dwindling, though not completely  disappearing, but giving way to some other delicious and mouth watering aromas. Pressure Drop was spot on with the plum and apricot aromas. Specifically speaking though, there is more of an apricot over tone with a sense of the sweet plum. Very pleasant and refreshing.

The head upon the initial pour was amazing, boasting about 2-3 finger widths. Though it didn’t stick around too long. I’m finding it difficult to pinpoint how to describe the color of Beyond Neptune. The only was I could describe it is an apricot color with a plum hue to it. There is a nice haze present as well adding to the refreshing appearance of Beyond Neptune.

Pressure Level

Before going in depth I would just like to say that Pressure Drop was spot on with their description! But I think we can still take it step by step and hopefully handle the pressure.

Similar to what Pressure Drop said there is a sweet plum and apricot taste up front. You’ll encounter this once the glass hits your lips. Alongside that is a very low salt/sour twist, one of the lowest I’ve experienced. Not in a bad way though, just makes it more ‘crushable’ and refreshing in this beautiful Buffalo summer weather we are finally experiencing. Mid-sip you’ll experience a shift in the sourness, in a quick fashion it goes from smooth to that  ‘solid, sour bite’ Pressure Drop spoke of. Though do not expect it to smack you in the face. One of the things I am really enjoying about Beyond Neptune is the sour characteristic never outdoes the fruit flavors in it. The entire sip you will be taste the plum and apricot, it almost seems to have a constant hold of the spot light. From the ‘solid, sour bite’  there is a smooth transition into the end of the sip and after taste. Though I may have said you’ll be able to taste the plum and apricot the entire sip, to the extent of each changes towards the after taste. The transition into after taste is mostly apricot, I’m not entirely sure if I am picking up on any plum. There is one thing I am sure of though, the finish is crisp as can be. This might be one of the smoothest finishes I’ve had with a sour. I can only think of one other that may be smoother. I’m not getting any type of bitterness, though there is a remaining sour taste left behind that may leave your mouth watering.


Concluding Thoughts

Beyond Neptune caught my eye and it didn’t take long for me to pick up a four pack. Or finish it. HaHa! One of the things I loved most about Beyond Neptune was how the sour aspect of the beer did not push the fruit flavors out. There have been a couple that the sour bite was a bit too offensive and over powered the other flavors. Now I’m sure there is an equivalent to hop heads for sours that may like that strong of a bite. Not me, I like to enjoy the entire beer to the full extent. With Beyond Neptune you will be able to do that. If you haven’t had much experience in Sours, Beyond Neptune might be an excellent place to start. I’m thinking Beyond Neptune is going to be an excellent match for Buffalo summers, with its sweet beginning and crisp finish it will leave your mouth watering for more!

Pressure Drop, great job and welcome to 716Brewviews! I am sure this will be one of many!


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