Brewview#68: Pineapple Wheat by Rohrbach Brewing Company

Back at it again with another beer from Rohrbach Brewing Company–Pineapple Wheat. It was once a small batch brew, but with how much everyone enjoyed it they decided to re-release it. Since then I was able to get my hands on a can thanks to my good friend Peter and here we are. I hope you enjoy the read!

The Beer: Pineapple Wheat by Rohrbach Brewing Company

Style: Fruit Beer

ABV: 4.2% IBU: N/A

Brewer’s Thoughts

You can find Pineapple Wheat on Rohrbach’s website under the Small-Batch Series or on Untappd. Both of which provides us with a nice run down of what is to be expected when enjoying a pint of Pineapple Wheat.

‘Due to popular demand, we’re bringing back one of our classic small-batch brews, Pineapple Wheat. With a silky smooth mouthfeel and pale golden color, natural pineapple flavor is added in just the right amount for a juicy tropical aroma and fruity flavor.’

Opening Thoughts

Pineapple Wheat is an attractive beer right from the beginning. When I first opened the can I was getting slight notes of pineapple almost instantly, even with the can a good foot away. The pour boasts a crisp looking pale golden color that is almost crystal clear, it was amazing how much energy was packed into the can. The carbonation was easily seen with all the bubbles rising up from the pour.

The aromas are even more attractive! Like I said before I was able to pick up on the pineapple from a good distance and even while I’m writing I can still smell it filling the air. Once I really stuck my nose in the glass though the pineapple aroma grew in strength and depth. I got a more well rounded pineapple aroma that could make one believe there was a real pineapple in the glass. Frickin’ delicious! Accenting the pineapple is a pleasant wheat/malt aroma. The two come together in such a perfect tropical fashion, it could almost be considered a miracle. Though it’s not surprising at all how amazing it is coming from Rohrbach’s!

Drink It Down

Wow! Rohrbach’s was spot on with the natural pineapple flavor. In the front end of the sip it almost seems as if I’m biting into an actual pineapple. It’s a delicious combination of slight sour pineapple notes with a burst of fruity, tropical flavors. I’m noticing some wheaty characteristics when it comes to the mouthfeel of the beer, which we will discuss soon. The pineapple flavor remains prevalent throughout the entire sip, though the wheat is more upfront at the swallow and aftertaste. By no means does it have Kolsh characteristics but I’m getting a smooth while creamy mouth feel and notes of a wheat flavor. The aftertaste itself seems to be dominated again by pineapple though it’s not difficult to pick up on some wheat/malt flavor as well. Though with some time in between each sip the wheat/malt loses its touch and the pineapple declares dominance. Not in an offensive way that it leaves you with a bad taste, but slight tropical pineapple notes floating around in your mouth.

So let’s discuss the mouthfeel of Pineapple Wheat because I’m really digging it. I love Kolshs and Witbiers but certain times the mouthfeel can become tough to get around. I find this on a rare occasion. Indeed Pineapple Wheat’s mouthfeel is ‘silky smooth’ as Rohrbach describes it. But I also feel it possesses a nice creamy wheat characteristic as well. It’s not leaving your mouth coated with a thick creamy aftertaste but it doesn’t let you forget you’re drinking a wheat beer as well as a fruit beer. I guess what I’m trying to say is the mouthfeel is a perfect depiction of Rohrbach’s skilled brewing.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think it was a coincidence that Rohrbach’s re-released Pineapple Wheat in the middle of summer. Pineapple Wheat is a perfect beer to enjoy on a hot summer day, whether it’s on a deck or even better a water front patio. The tropical fruit aromas and flavors will allow you to day dream of a nice beach surrounded by pleasurable company. Accented perfectly by the wheat-characteristics, Pineapple Wheat is a crisp delicious beer. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more!

Thanks for reading.


1 thought on “Brewview#68: Pineapple Wheat by Rohrbach Brewing Company

  1. what a great read & a great description…. i’m usually not into wheat beers .. or pineapple for that matter but this seriously hit the spot. i’m suprised i liked it so much! ps— the aftertaste reminded me of waffle crisp which did not suck lol!

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