716 Conquers 585

For our 5th anniversary Kim and I decided to head out to Rochester and travel around to as many breweries as possible for a weekend. So we dropped the kiddos off at Pappa Mike’s and Grandma Sue’s and made our way out to the 585. After a smooth trip we checked into our hotel and began our adventure.

Please note that due to the number of beers, the reviews will not be as in depth as usual. Kim and I brought plenty of beer home and I may choose a couple to do full ‘Brewviews’ of.

716 Conquers 585 Day 1


Our first stop of the trip was Fifth Frame Brewing Company located on St. Paul Street in Downtown Rochester. A crippling distance of 0.25 miles, taking us five minutes to walk there, we were ready for some burgers and beers. Fifth Frame’s draft list contained a nice touch of diversity. With IPA’s, a Stout, a Kolsch, a Tart IPA, and their House Ale Fifth Frame presents some interesting beers.

Clean Sheets Kolsch 5.2% ABV

Clean Sheets presents a perfect Kolsch appearance with its straw color, creamy residue sitting on the top, and a delicious bready/malty aroma. The flavor matches the appearance with its excellent drinkablity. Possessing a quintessential Kolsch flavor. Qualities consisting of a creamy mouthfeel and light malt flavor. I may even be picking up on a light touch of German hops. This beer is easily crush-able and refreshing. Drinking multiple pints of Clean Sheets would make for a good clean time.

Clawfoot Bathtub Stout 9.5%
‘Bathtime just got better. Lather up with this peaunut butter, chocolate, and coffee bomb.’

Clawfoot Bathtub has a pitch black color with a nice creamy head touched with hints of brown. The aromas immediately smacks you in the face, with strong bursts of peanut butter, a touch of chocolate, and a coffee backbone. Clawfoot doesn’t do any favors with hiding its 9.5% ABV. Right off the bat I am getting a nice boosey overtone, boasting the strong ABV. Once I was able to venture past the boosey beginning I started getting a strong touch of coffee that changes gears when it comes to mid sip. At this point I’m noticing more of the chocolate and peanut butter flavors. The coffee takes a step back for only a quick minute, immediately returning in the back end and after taste. Giving the after taste a strong bitter coffee quality. But have no fear there are still subtle notes of chocolate and peanut butter. These two assist in mellowing out the strong bitter coffee notes. Drinker beware! Clawfoot Bathtub will give no quarter, leaving no survivors. The 9.5% ABV makes this beer a perfect sipper for deep thoughts and day dreams.

The second stop of our day was Rochester Brewing Company. To make it easy Kim and I decided to get a flight of six out of the seven beers. Out of the six I chose two to write about.

1. Littering And… NEIPA 7.3% ABV 76 IBU

Litter And… starts off with a refreshing soft tropical aroma that made our mouths water. At the beginning of the sip there are notes of melon that quickly dissipate into an overall citrus flavor. Accompanying the citrus are nice mellowing tropical notes. The after taste begins with a soft bitterness that quickly picks up strength and ends with a pleasant citrus bite.

2. Lagerithm Vienna Lager 5.9% ABV 25 IBU

I was very excited for the chance to try a new Veinna Lager. I’ve recently grown an appreciation for them.  Lagerithm doesn’t have much of a sweet side to it like some that I’ve had in the past.  Don’t get me wrong there is a touch of graham cracker in the flavor. The graham cracker pairs perfectly with the accompanying bread flavor. These two come together to create a perfect flavor fusion. The North American and German malts create the perfect malt presence in Lagerithm. What’s nice is the slight touch of New Zealand Southern Cross hops. They’re not very obvious but still pop in to say hello. Lagerithm is definitely one of the better Vienna Lagers I’ve tried.

From here we decided to end our brewery adventures for the day at Rohrbach Brewing Company. At this point of the evening I decided to keep my laptop closed and enjoy the time with Kim. Not only that, I was beginning to feel a slight buzz so I thought it’d be better to ride the wave. With that being said Kim and I did try the newly released Marsh Monster, a very delicious and enticing brown ale. Kim said it was one of her favorite beers from the trip. A four pack of Marsh Monster found a home in our fridge at the end of the night. Other beers I enjoyed was the Highland Lager and my favorite the Scotch Ale. If my plans come to fruition you should be seeing a ‘Brewview’ for the Highland Lager soon!

716 Conquers 585 Day 2


Day two began back at Fifth Frame Brewing Company for some breakfast and freshly brewed coffee. Besides the delicious beer they brew, Fifth Frame packs a punch when it comes to their menu. Both their breakfast sandwiches and burgers are to die for. If you ever find yourself in the area, Fifth Frame is a must.

From Fifth Frame we made a quick stop at out hotel and then made our way over to The Lost Borough Brewing Company. Out of our entire trip Kim and I both agreed we had the greatest time at Lost Borough. When first walking in we were the first ones there but not long after more people began to trickle in. Lost Borough presents a very cozy tap room and is very hospitable. Before we knew it, the conversation took off between us and the bartender, Amanda. It may have helped that Amanda was a Buffalo native, but either way it was a great time. When I finally looked down at my watch I couldn’t believe the amount of time we had spent there and had no plans of leaving anytime soon.

Lost Borough’s tap list has something for everyone.

Bohemian Pilsner 5.7% ABV

The Bohemian Pilsner starts off with a crystal clear golden straw color and a perfect Pilsner aroma. If first impressions mattered to me, Bohmenian Pilsner struck gold with its crisp clean appearance and aroma.  At the beginning of each sip there’s a Saaz hop spicy presence paired with the Pilsner malt backbone. Towards the middle of each sip there is a slight surge of the Saaz hops which then clears out till the aftertaste. The transition from mid sip to the swallow and aftertaste is predominantly malty with a slight sprinkle of Saaz hop flavor spread through out. The aftertaste comes in hop strong with quite a bit of Saaz spice to it, though not to the point of being too much. Eventually that will settle out and allow for a lingering malty aftertaste to finish things up.

Prickly Pear and Pomegranate Sour 5.4%

Neither of us got a full pint though we did get a taster of it. This sour began with a delicious pomegranate aroma and a nice pale straw color. You begin to see the combination of the pear and pomegranate once you take your first sip. In the beginning of each sip was a pear flavor that moved towards a pomegranate finish. The after taste hits you with a nice sour bite.

Space Nugget DIPA 9.5% ABV 87 IBU

Space Nugget begins with soft aromas of floral and pine. Though they may be soft they still possessed a nice hoppy resin quality. Color wise Space Nugget presents itself as a real IPA, crystal clear and light amber.

Space Nugget consisted of two main flavors that I personally noticed, though one was stronger than the other they came together perfectly. Instantly you are hit with a pine flavor that remains as the backbone of the beer. Though the pine does maintain a strong presence it left enough room for some floral notes. I guess you could say the floral notes accented the pine backbone. Space Nugget carries a pleasuring hoppy bitterness as well as a nice resiny mouthfeel. The main after taste consisted of this resin mouthfeel and a delicious pine flavor. Being a DIPA Space Nugget does pack a punch with its bitterness though unlike some it doesn’t linger and will not throw off any future beers.

Something else that was note worthy was the nice warming presence Space Nugget presented with each sip. A nice quality I’ve seen in very few stronger IPA’s.

Unfortunately our time at Lost Borough did come to an end. Though Kim and I both agreed if we had more time to spare we would’ve stayed longer or gone back.

From Lost Borough we made our way over to Sager Beer Works. At this time of the day Kim and I found ourselves to be quite uplifted from our time at Lost Borough, if you know what I mean. With that being said I did not take note of the beers we drank at Sager Beer Works, though I will say the food rocked our world. The burgers knocked our socks off, to the point of being barefoot the remainder of the day.

We concluded our brewery adventures at Three Heads Brewing. Three Heads has a very welcoming appearance and pleasant staff. Thankfully Kim and I got there when we did because soon after the placed was packed. Still buzzing from earlier in the day I failed to take note of the beers again. Though I promise you this, the beers we tried were perfect! My favorite being their Rochestafarian Scotch Ale, a close second behind my number one. I could’ve drank this beer all day, though it would have most likely left me crawling home.

That concludes 716 Conquers 585. I am truly sorry that I failed to takes notes from all the breweries. But can you honestly blame me? I’m only human and I was with my favorite drinking partner, Kim! Rochester thanks for the good times.
I hope you enjoy the read and take some time to visit these amazing breweries if you ever find yourself in Rochester.



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3 thoughts on “716 Conquers 585

  1. a favorite was the Scarecrow Pumpkin from Lost Bourough. def took a crowler home of that

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    1. Yes sorry I did forget to mention that one. Thanks for remembering!

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  2. I really liked the Prickly Pear gose! It was really fresh with a sweet flavor that wasn’t too overwhelming. Glad the trip knocked your socks off 🙂

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